Update From Mark Gordon..National Exposure for PFS

Good Evening All,

I was inspired to write a piece on PFS which is scheduled to be released nationally next week.

Your group is now my prototypical Non-Traumatic Brain Injury focus.

We have over 40 members here from just 2020.

Anything that I write or promote will be sent to you as a group for your feed-back.

As you will read, I do not believe that the majority of healthcare providers that take up the challenge of assessing and treating PFS really understand the scope of what has happened.

Also, the need to understand what treatment modalities really address the underlying cause of the condition/symptoms generated by Finasteride or Dutasteride is key.

I hired a company out of NYC to help me dissemination this and other content.

Finally, if you are a member of a blog or chat room hold off sending this document to them until it has been published nationally. It might carry more credibility.

Thank you all and keep strong and move forward.


Mark L. Gordon, MD


I didn’t include the attached pdf as he said not to but should be publishing next week…He has been sending several emails the last few weeks about pfs…More and more victims of this shit are coming forward…

Basically its a nice write up but offers nothing we don’t know but maybe it will bring more attention to pfs.


Thanks for flagging this up. Does Mark know our admins? It might be useful to him to speak to them.

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I sent him the paper they wrote a few weeks about pfs and poly glutamine toxicity he read it and forwarded it to all his pfs patients…

He still says in that write up that all the patients have had some form of head injury or concussion without losing consciousness before developing pfs…And the more severe the head trauma rhe the worse side effects they get from pfs…

Personally Idk…i didn’t think I had previously been injured but then remembered I had broke bones in falls and had my head busted when I was a small child with an accident involving a sling shot…The rock came back and hit me in the top of the head…i was 6 or so years old

The chance of a random minor injury contributing to a complete distortion of someone’s hormonal system has to be at the very least unlikely. “Have you ever banged your head” is going to be a yes for the entire world’s population. If it was the difference then we’d be seeing more people come forward.

I mean, that feels like trying to fit a hypothesis to a condition wirhout any real evidence.

I wouldn’t waste your time thinking about it!


More from Gordon


Okay here is another important reference article with self-assessment on symptoms.

In reading this a few times I kept on connecting many of you with the findings that this article speaks about.

Some of you have had prior healthcare providers tell you that these symptoms were all in your head…

Send them a copy of the article.



PS: The PFS article is going through its last review by the editorial staff at NewsWire.

Once it is finished and published you will receive a link.

New Website has Launched:


Any updates on the article?

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I also got another email from Gordon last night something about more brain similarities between pfs and Alzheimers…Haven’t really looked at it as it’s just promoting him and his new store…These Drs just trying to cash in on victims basically is the way I see it…


This Gordon guy seems to be legit though and he’s helping PFS victims for years and years with success if we can believe him. He also talked about PFS and the dangers of fina/duta on Joe Rogan, the biggest podcast in the world.

Don’t think he’s a charlatan.

His site: http://www.tbimedlegal.com/

And this is interesting; a testimonial page with a link to a pdf with atleast one testimonial (did’t completely read it) about a guy who said he was cured from PFS thanks to Gordon:


I’ve been a patient of Gordon since 2017…

Costs a fortune he has even went up on the price since then…


I gotta about 5k in to him and quit…by the time you pay for all the labs and supplements it would be more than that now…

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What did he make you take?

What tests did he run on you? Did he come up with any conclusions or show any treatment plan or any details about it with you?