Update from Doctor Goldstein

So I had another appointment with dr Goldstein. I will be going on testosterone boosting drugs for a full year. This is the first time my body has given me an indicator of what is going on my testosterone levels are tanking and my symptoms have gotten worse. I have a theory I think I started of with really high T maybe 1000 because when I was in my 20s I was at 600 to 700 level now I’m 36 and my last level was 291. I think propecia did something to me where it made my testosterone lower than it should be and it drops faster than it normally should because 291 is the testosterone level of a 100 year old man. I’m feeling optimistic this is my problem and hopefully with long term T treatment I can get back to normal.

Any theories?


Generally boosting testosterone has not benefited sufferers, but there have been exceptions here and there.

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While TRT in no way is a 100% cure (at least not in the short term). I’d say if done right more people get a relief of symptoms than the other way around.

Especially if they start off with low T.

Main thing if low testosterone goes untreated it can lead to heart disease and heart disease runs in my family

While that may be your view, the overwhelming patient record on this forum would suggest otherwise. It doesn’t take long to search the forum for “TRT” or “low dose TRT” and find the vast majority of patients experience little to no improvement, or in some cases, are worsened. You can include my experience in the former category - did low dose TRT for 3 months and experienced almost zero benefits. Did waste about $1k on urology consults, blood tests and testosterone though.


Jesus you’ve been on the forum since 2007 and haven’t tried anything all this time? It’s unlikely it will work, however please update us if you do benefit from it.

Well yeah I agree with you. I used the wrong words.

What I mean is that from browsing this forum and what not TRT (T or HCG) seems to be the thing that has the “best” success rate.

Even if it might only be a small portion who respond positively, it still is way ahead of any other drug or supplement.

Not according to my observations.

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You don’t think TRT/HCG has the highest success rate (albeit still low)?

No, I don’t.


Be extremely cautious, testosterone supplementation has not only proven ineffective in many patients but actually harmful when administered.

goldstein is a fraud that found his niche. be wise.

we here see many guys that went to this fucking b*stard and absolutely none of them find relief. and he still claims he is one of those that “knows” this illness.

for me that’s just enough to know how to not burn my money on “celebrity” doctors.

Just quickly, before this turns into a TRT thread, I would like to remind patients that you are welcome to self-report on treatments that have worked for you personally, but please:

  1. Limit it to your experience
  2. Do not prescribe the treatment or how to administer it to other patients
  3. Please do so in your member story, as per our user terms

Thanks guys.


I’m not taking trt, I’m using low dose clomiphene, anastrozole Andre cabergoline

I know some had bad luck but some had good luck with Goldstein and have posted there stories on this forum even

Once you pay the initial visit fee visiting Goldstein is pretty much free I just do 10 minute phone consultations to get the next treatment and he doesn’t charge me

Do you get any better taking these pill

I’ll let you know

I have to raise t no matter what or I believe I will die