Unrestful sleep (day fatigue), chronic cry mouth, sore/baggy/bags painful eyes in morning

So I’ve searched and see these symptoms all over this forum, but not many have posted any treatments, which is due to what I fear is that there’s not treatments.

I’m lucky/unlucky enough to have taken this poison 14yrs ago and only developed sexual side effects which I’ve been able to manage over the years. Luckily haven’t had any other PFS crahses since my first crash over a decade ago. However, two months ago I woke up one morning with the following symptoms, and have been dealing with them every night going forward since. It was totally out of the blue.

  1. Unrestful sleep. I get a full 8 hrs of sleep every night. I tend to wake up at 3:40 or 4:30 then fall right back asleep again sometimes, but I got to bed and sleep solid/well throughout the whole night. I often dream. Nonetheless, I wake up every morning feeling like I’m hungover, as if I went on bender the night before or only got 4 hrs of sleep. So every day I’m fatigued/tired/yawning and foggy. This is totally debilitating and came out of nowhere. I never feel rested anymore no matter what time I go to bed or how long I sleep.

  2. Tired/sore/dark circles/baggy eyes and headaches. Coupled with the unrestful sleep, every morning my eyes are sore/tired and super puffy with black bags under them. This is totally new for me. The bags diminish, but the dark circles remain throughout the day. I look awful. Coupled with this are frequent morning headaches around my temples and behind my eyes when I rub them. It’s horrible to deal with this every morning.

  3. Chronic dry mouth Finally, this one appeared about a month after I started getting the above symptoms and has not gone away. I have cotton mouth/dry mouth all day long. Another terrible things since it makes my breath horrible and probably is ruining my dental health. I have no idea why this is happening, but they must be related.

My doc already knows about my sexual PFS sides, but of course he’ll probably have no clue about this, which I’m confident is PFS and hormone related. He’s ordered me a sleep apnea test (which I’m also sure I don’t have since I never snore, and I sleep soundly without waking every night my entire life up until now). He also did a full blood panel, but it only included thyroid hormones.

So my questions are:

  1. What has anyone found has helped these 3 symptoms?
  2. What tests should I ask from my doctor to help me figure out what’s causing this?

time helped sleep issues. about 12 months after stopping dutasteride i started getting deeper sleep.

still need 2 take melatonin and other sleep aid.

can’t speak on other symptoms. please fill out survey, would really help us all out.

Update. Just completed my sleep study. I did not sleep well with the finger/heart rate device they gave me. My score was 7, which is technically mild sleep apnea if the score is greater than 5. But given how poorly I slept that night, I honestly doubt I have sleep apnea. I still think it’s a brain function where my sleep isn’t happening properly where I’m getting to the restful/rejuvenating stage long enough.