Unnatural Selection- CRISPR

Has anyone seen this documentary on Netflix? Pretty amazing. The thought that maybe one of us could have the capacity to create a cure with CRISPR. If my brain wasn’t so messed up I’d be ordering my first CRISPR kit and start learning the basics.

There’s a good chance crispr and tools like prime editing will help but we need to figure out what to edit

Hence why we are doing community projects to diagnose.

Please participate in the 23&me project if you can, it may bring us a step closer towards what you & we want


Haha yeh I know the drill. I don’t know if you know my story but my condition is a bit different so I don’t want to mess up the stats- otherwise I would do it.

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if you came here due to some sort of anti androgen substance then it doesnt matter how different

we have some diversity of substances in the data

Ok I will. But have you seen the documentary Lakehouse? Lol

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documentary called “lakehouse”?

no i havent

i see a movie on google called lakeouse hehe

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Hahaha sorry I just meant to tag you but I was writing a message on my phone and ballsed it up. I just meant to ask you if you had actually watched unnatural selection.

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Oh lmao. Have not. I’ll watch it if you say it’s good

Omg Lakehouse! You have to watch. It’s pretty exciting because it makes everything seem a little more possible. Some really interesting dudes trying to do big things. Says a lot about the slow pace of science and medicine compared to what’s actually possible.


Okay I’ll watch tomorrow


It’s a good documentary. There’s another one called Heal which talks about nocebo / placebo.

I used to be excited about CRISPR but I’ll be an old man by the time it can help us so I’m trying to just destress and hit the weights to get through the days.

Have had days of higher libido and better ejaculatory sensation recently so I’m going to keep training hard…

the idea that crispr is going to take a decade or more to develop is some sort of myth that keeps floating around this place with no supporting evidence.

awor posted crispr prime editing articles that showed how rapidly the technology has already evolved to be fast and accurate while minimizing negatives.

gene editing tech has been worked on for the past several decades.

its about time now

The CRISPR part concerns me less. Finding the root cause of this condition is what worries me.


planning to watch tomorrow.

maybe ill also watch the movie “the lake house” afterwards :smiley:

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Nothing wrong with a bit of keanu :wink: