Unanswered questions about facial changes

Hello guys,

i experience very bad facial change since my PFS has started. Symptoms are:

-Nose has widened and has become so much bigger, its incredible.
-My face is full of wrinkles, especially when i laugh.
-I still have a lot of body fat in face. Moonface since i started finasterid years ago.
-Eyebrows are not growing anymore, its crazy.

Old friends didnt recognize me. Its depressing. Btw i have a very bad penis shrinkage. It would be nice if you could help me with the following questions:

  1. I already did a lot of big blood tests by endocrinologists, but they didnt find anything special? How can my face change so bad and my hormones be all normal? Or is it impossible to recognize it in a blood test?

  2. I only red a few threads about people recovering from their facial changes. Especially the user CDNuts. But i couldnt find any informations about his facial change symptoms. Has anybody an idea about what symptoms he had or does anybody has seen other storys about people recovering from facial changes?

I would be really happy if you could help me with this. Btw sorry for my bad english.

best regards, kazako

Fix hormones as best as possible with diet and exercise. Consider drugs like clomid (temporarily) to kick-start things and aromatase inhibitors very briefly.

Take high levels of antioxidants, amla (gooseberry extract), blueberries, pomegranate juice, etc

Take high levels of K-complex and calcium or multi-minerals during breakfast/lunch, and strontium at night.

After you do all this you can trigger the regrowth by getting sick by avoiding warm or fresh food, avoiding supplements, avoiding the sun and staying up late (3am or all nighters) for a few nights around sick people, after you’re infected your body will then be busy fighting it and your pfs will be decreased, while this happens you will have normal pre-fin hormonal profile very briefly and rapid recovery may occur.

Sorry to hear about the unwelcome changes. Each case is different and based on what I’ve read, recovery from facial issues is possible but not definite. I’ve been fortunate enough to recover in all aspects…sub-c fat, skin tone, restoration of normal bone structure. I noticed bone redevelopment was occurring a couple days after quitting the drug. The other stuff came along later, on fixing a severe leaky gut and normalizing my cortisol situation. I had thyroid issues too.

As far as comparison to your symptoms, my nose got smaller, not bigger. Definitely had wrinkles. Moonface also (which is from prolonged exposure to high cortisol). Three major developments in facial bone structure recovery: much harder bone, much thicker bone, and a more compact facial structure. I have no idea what exactly happened, cushing’s (moonface) causes bone issues, and there’s another condition called Paget’s which my symptoms resembled.

What did you do to recover? @aletheia