unable to get high/drunk

i’m wondering if anyone has seen improvement in this space? the weird thing is i’ve been able to get high since PAS, however after mind recognizes the drug it’s like it sees it as a threat and gives me a ton of anxiety. i don’t know how this is possible, but i think it could be important information to potentially fixing all of the symptoms themselves

Marijuana raises Cortisol. Cortisol makes people feel anxious. People here are more susceptible to anxiety.

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so you think that if i’m in a state of high stress, this is why i don’t get that effect? i was able to get a high from mushrooms twice. but recently was very stressed and tried them again, not too much of an effect

I think it’s unlikely to be as simple as that, tbh. But maybe?

Mushrooms are known to have effect on mood and given that that depression and low mood are part of the picture here it may be that they interact with similar processes to the ones that have been disrupted.

it’s just so strange that i could see the effects of these things, but when super stressed, it’s like my mind doesn’t let things in

I noticed a similar thing …(while I was still on finasteride and side effects crept in) I would always use the occasional benzodiazepine back then…sometimes things like Valium and Ativan that I had taken on and off for years wouldnt kick in, instead I’d start getting anxiety ?!!! I thought at the time this isn’t supposed to be happening ??

Since quitting finasteride 2 years ago I have not tried any benzodiazepine or opiate painkiller (2 things that would always get me feeling relaxed and euphoric)
I did however use Zopiclone for 6 months and this worked fine , didn’t cause any problems etc, made me feel nice and relaxed etc this type of drug is a similar mechanism to a benzodiazepine so I’m hoping things might be back to normal . Maybe give it a bit of time? As @Greek says though I think the bodies response to stress and cortisol has changed slightly , so any slight increase of cortisol will affect us differently perhaps, compared to healthy individuals

i’m very hopeful for new technologies being created right now. things that allow drugs that can relieve our symptoms to cross the blood brain barrier. man i feel like if i could get 10 hours of pure sleep a night i would be able to recover so much quicker

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I have the same thing, though I feel like I enjoy alcohol a lot more than I did right after getting PFS two years ago. But definitely not like pre PFS.

Hate to say, but I sleep fine. Though I did also struggle with sleep at the start of PFS.