Unable to feel full after eating

Does anyone else have something like this? It feels like I developed leptin resistance.
I can eat a ton of food and not feel full. I can still feel hungry after not eating for 5 hours.

I too have it. But more like part of the emotional numbness, that I really can’t get any signals from the body. So dont feel thirst/hunger much, and can’t really feel full.

Same here. It also feels like I can’t feel thirst either.

Yeh same here

Do you guys speculate if any health issues can arise from this aside from unwittingly eating too much?
I guess this is a manageable symptom if I watch what I eat.

I remember I was eating a lot food in the first years with PFS. Now I eat 1/3 and feel full and don´t loose weight. I have been 12 years with PFS now.
Recovery this sides effects won’t recover Libido.

Thanks for sharing. So it appears this symptom didn’t cause any long-term complications for you, is that correct?

I’m okay with my current libido state. I can still easily achieve and maintain my full-sized erection. It’s the other symptoms that are more concerning.

Generally, just exercise, eat healthy, and pray for good.

Dude i cant even feel how the taste of the food…Its all part of the numbness…Everything is numb…

yep same here. It becomes more of a problem when watching tv with it or sitting in front of computer, I tend to overeat a lot then

How long have you had this issue, and has this led to any medical complications?

Overeating is one of the worst things you can do concerning aging. Just search the internet, or read books from arnold ehret or david sinclair. I feel a lot worse when i overeat but i still do it a lot because i dont feel my stomach. I feel best when i do not eat for a long time.

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I believe I’ve been able to regain the satiety feeling after eating a couple of weeks ago.
Will post again if I lose this sensation again.

This is a well-known symptom, called hyperphagia (vs. hypophagia), linked to 5-HT2C receptors and ghrelin excretion. 5-HT2C suppress ghrelin secretion, as far as I know, and thereby hunger.


I often get this from taking too much Ginseng, for example, which works on these receptors, downregulating them.
You can upregulate these receptors (to improve satiety) via antagonists like Kudzu/Puerarin, White Willow Bark extract, and perhaps Bacopa.

Hunger was never an issue. It was not feeling full after having a meal.
I believe the full feeling came back recently.

I actually have kind of the opposite. It’s like my hunger feelings are perpetually supressed and I really need to tell myself mentally that I have to eat.

I have this too.

Did you ever test your Leptin levels?

LOL more neurotransmitters

No. I pretty much gave up on hormonal tests.