UK sufferers Dr Elliott

I saw a female GP this morning called Dr Elliott. It was on the basis that I’m experiencing an increasing number of issues with the liver and was seeking blood tests and a scan. When she asked why I thought I had liver problems I got on the pfs bus reeling off my introductory speech. Her face dropped like a sack of spuds and she said she knew all about pfs. Upshot is she researched it previously because she said she had someone in exactly like me complaining of all of the same issues. She said she feels very passionate about this and would never prescribe it but on the other hand she seemed to want to get rid. If you’ve seen Dr Elliott and are out there drop me a pm as I’d like talk to you.

One thing stands out, she’s a GP not an endo or urologist and now has experience of 2 guys with pfs. As I’ve always suspected this is a lot bigger than anyone thinks,


PFS, PRS, PSSD … it’s a slow-moving public health disaster.


Our disruption is something that doesn’t happen to everyone who uses substances, and those who develop the problem don’t want to talk about it, for various reasons. To give you an idea, 1 year ago when I researched pfs on YouTube, not one Brazilian appeared talking about it, but when I created the ihavePFS channel, several men around the country left comments saying they had symptoms, showing that the The situation is much bigger than we imagine, but we need to show up. I am the first Brazilian to expose the situation in the country. I even ask anyone reading this message to subscribe to the channel to increase engagement. My videos are in Portuguese, but I always include subtitles in English. Big hug to all of you. 1 year of pfs and my symptoms are body pain and muscle atrophy, even when practicing physical activity.

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