UK Guys meet up

Dear All,

Just gauging,

I proposed this in the past, as many feel isolated, alone in this with no one to talk too.

Would you be interested in meeting up, getting to talk to other guys in person, forming friendships, building a bond etc If we get enough numbers we could arrange a few different locations ie the South, Midlands and the North.

If this feels like a good idea to you PM your preferred location and we can take it from there, see how it goes.

I know others have met in the past as I have. Personally it’s an invaluable experience. Seeing pfs in another person can help, provides the insight. I have remained friends with the person i met and we speak regularly.

If you know of any UK guys elsewhere please let them know about this potential opportunity. Ask them to get in touch.




Hey Laz!

New member here. I’ve been suffering terribly for six years with this. I’d be happy to chat. I’ve not yet looked at how the site functions, but if there’s an option for a private message then drop me one if you want to?

All the best.

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Likewise, happy to take things forward feel free to PM

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