Two Hair Loss "Doctors" play down PFS

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I’ve commented on their previous videos and was immediately attacked by the pro fin guys. Just left a comment though.


A doctor who has prescribed a dangerous drug for years won’t want to come clean about the reality. All their interests are lined up towards keeping this thing going.


Left a comment. People really don’t take us seriously. We need a high profile celebrity to get this disease.

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And not just sexual issues, but some of the more disabling ones. I’m honestly shocked they haven’t. If they got it bad enough like some of us, it couldn’t be down played.


Notice how they try and use Michael Irwig’s old phone study to try and make out PFS isn’t real but they won’t mention the more up to date studies.

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Commenting on these videos can backfire if you guys start calling it poison and raving about how Merck is evil and killed people with Vioxx etc.

Important to send the right message using the right words. These doctors are not evil, they are just ignorant. You and I are also ignorant about things that are extremely important to other people. It is egotistical to think that they are evil just because their actions harm you. Humans, including you and me, all harm other humans.

If you do feel compelled to comment, let them know that there are persistent side effects that can occur in rare cases. You experienced them and don’t want anybody else to unnecessarily suffer the same outcome. Educate them, but don’t berate them. If you rile negative emotions, they will turn against you. “Fear leads to the dark side”. Show them the Reuters report and explain that Merck knew about these risks and hid them because they knew it would crater sales of Propecia. They had internal market research studies showing this. Our common enemy is Merck for they lied to doctors and patients. You can bring the doctors onto our side through this method.

Please be careful with the commenting. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with this anymore, but this is a road map to potentially influencing and winning over doctors. Having them close the comments is the last thing we want. Good luck. I have developed these principles through about ten years of trial and error. It has taught me much about how humans respond to perceived threats.


What about your survey?

LOL, don’t worry about my survey… it will come in time.

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The advice of @Frustrated to educate doctors, rather than vilify them, is sound.

It worked the first time I tried it and led to a Dr who started her own online consultation/prescription service in Australia to remove a video where she stated that there were no long-term side effects of finasteride. All it took was to bring the drug-label change to her attention.

No doubt, there are many sociopaths out there who don’t care if they knowingly harm their patients, but the large majority who prescribe these risky drugs are unknowingly harming their patients.


Hi Mark,

Is there anyway that we could privately message?


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Just drop me a DM.

Maybe Trump has PFS ha

He’d never admit it.

These two damn shit, I’ve seen their videos.

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I respectfully disagree. “Doctors” like this should be vilified and worse.

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It’s probably not a practical approach.

Doctors like these guys will continue to dismiss those affected with side effects and will scoff at our claims.

It’d be very convincing if we could get doctors like this to take our side. They will be less likely to do that if we attempt to attack or diminish them.

Better to do our own thing, promote the truth to those who will listen and not waste our energy on people who won’t. Particularly those who would call us crazy.

In general, attacking, abusing or smearing people just makes us all look crazy. They have the qualifications, the veneer of respectability. We have to try and win hearts and minds. Lashing out won’t do that and might close doors too. What doctor wants to engage with a community that calls other doctors liars, idiots or whatever else?


While I seen and understand your point, I again disagree. These doctors should surely be concerned of liability, especially as the number of PFS cases continue to mount, thanks to easy mail order accessibility to finasteride. We’ve been promoting the truth for decades, to doctors that seemingly only know what they learned in medical school and refute anything else.

The increasing research and evidence showing PFS is a real condition has continued to increase and these “doctors” who continue to state there are no long term side effects should not be forgotten and will be on the wrong side of history. Those “doctors” who downplay our condition are very likely to not be the ones who can help us come closer to a cure, as they simply don’t have the mindset to do so. They need to be stopped in spreading the false belief PFS is fictitious because all that does is “poison the well” and make it even more challenging for us to gain support in medical communities.

As countries with more progressive medical experts continue to research PFS, its acceptance in the US medical community will be undeniable, and their thin veneer of respectability will be shattered. I’m not calling those doctors liars-I’m calling them fools for behaving as shills and not thoroughly looking at the evidence before reaching a false conclusion they promote.

In my life, mostly before PFS, both myself and family members had medical procedures, and I very often challenged the medical “professionals” regarding surgical procedures they wanted to perform. I was fortunate to have had guidance by other doctors who are personal friends and I trusted and consulted. In several cases, surgeons backed down on their guidance when challenged, and in one case, even directly apologized in their own way, sending in their residents to say things like, “after further evaluation, the surgeon has decided to not perform the procedure”.

We need those doctors who accept our condition to document and spread the word within their professional communities. I have been to over 30 doctors about this condition, and only a small handful have accepted it. Some only began to accept it when large doses of testosterone didn’t result in any measurable increase in my tests, causing them think I didn’t inject myself, and required me to come in for the injections, confirming the same low numbers.

It’s disappointing, but I believe we need almost irrefutable and very well healed victims of finasteride, who aren’t embarrassed to go public with the condition, to come forward and challenge the seemingly established medical beliefs that PFS is all in our minds. Anything less may result in a decades more wait, as more and more victims of finasteride report their condition through “normal” channels.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think we’re probably closer together in our position than it initially seems, but without nitpicking, I think the below are the bits I felt strongest about.

The problem is that their position is that there’s no problem, and they’re backed by drug regulators who say there is no problem.

You may have a longer tenure than me, so forgive me if I’ve missed some things but I’m under the impression that the community has done very little to promote anything. Discussed spinach, freshwater salmon, vitamin D, yes. Document things properly? Tell anyone what’s going on? Not so much. Fill out an anonymous survey they gives the kind of data that we could throw in people’s faces - less than 10% of people registered on the forum are prepared to do that.

  1. I don’t think it can be stopped. How are we to do it? Leave anonymous comments on YouTube? Leave voicemails for them or bad yelp reviews?
  2. I think you overestimate the influence of cosmetic hair doctors on the medical community
  3. we are building relationships and the momentum is growing. Better to concentrate on that, imo. ,

Starting would be nice…