TV Program "Pills in Search of an Illness“


hey together, i dont know if you have seen this video on youtube. the name is „Pills in Search of an Illness“ on Barcelona 3 TV or something like that. Its a documentation about pfs with dr john santmann and the foundation. in the video is a bald guy from the usa who lives at his mothers place. he couldnt read a book since 5 years and even newspapers are challenging. but that was in 2016. i want to know if anyone here knows how i can contact this guy or if he even is registrated here? his username would be very helpful. maybe he can answer me personally. thank you very much guys !

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Did you see it on YouTube? Perhaps share the link.

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thank you man :slight_smile: it was from the foundation. he talks from minute 02:40


no one ?


I believe it is the operator of this twitter account you are looking to contact:

If you have a twitter account you can send him a direct message. If you do get in touch do us all a favour and let him know about the survey :slight_smile:

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oh thank you axolotl :blush: i will :+1:

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sadly he is not responding :sweat_smile: