Trying to source some T3


Hi guys

I am desperately trying to source some t3 does anyone have any for sale or point me in the right direction?

Also does anyone have any tips or advice on a one month cycle

Hoping it may improve some of my symptoms



idealabs should have it.


thanks @ncsugrad do you know if they ship to the UK

And how much would i need for a month cycle



Sorry, no clue on either. You should be able to send the owner of the site an email asking regarding the shipping question and ray peat forum has info on dosages, etc. that may help


They do. I just bought some NDT from them, may take up to 20 days.


ordered my t3 may need some extra guidance from you guys once it arrives

thank you


Would you mind saying what symptoms you’re trying to fix with the T3. Or do you have abnormal bloodwork?


hi guys

my t3 has arrived and is 8mcg per drop how should i take this does it???

I had mid range t4 but t3 was towards the bottom end of the scale

Hoping to fix weight gain fatigue and anything else ie ED issues is a bonus



been taking 1 drop 8mcg every morning on my tongue

energy feels better and bloating and water weight gone down

eyes sting in morning

should I up the doseage???