Trying to kill myself again

So yeah yall probably remember me for last month when I tried to kill myself. Never told yall but I was stop by police. Back in the mindset though, and I really think I can help yall. If I do it publicly in front of the white house preaching PFS, this would give a huge public notice to yall. I know yall are saying it’s not worth it, but I dont want to live like this for years on end. I rather God just fucking murder me already. Don’t make me suffer this anymore. Been working out how to do this and feel like putting a bullet in my head in board day light would be a good idea.

@Kelld56, to you or anyone else dealing with suicidal thoughts:

Please remember that we, (meaning us as a patient community, but also members of the staff) are not trained or equipped to properly handle these type of situations.

If anyone reading this is battling with suicidal or self-harm feelings right now:
Please call a suicide prevention hotline in your area. I believe in the US there is the 988 Lifeline. For people outside the US, here is a more extensive international list of hotlines:

I know it sounds a little formulaic, but the people you call through these lines really know what they are doing and they might truly be able to help you take the right steps.


Please keep in mind that dozens of recorded suicides have genuinely happened because of this condition. Given how many years ago this condition began being anecdotally reported about, and how many patients have perceived their condition as taboo to talk about, there may be hundreds or even thousands more.

Some of them had left behind clear narratives detailing how this condition and the substances that caused it have played pivotal roles in their decision.
The harsh reality is that the situation has not truly been significantly changed because of these tragedies. If raising awareness is what you are after, there are more effective ways to achieve it while alive.

I can only reiterate for anyone struggling with this chronic post-drug syndrome to take care of themselves, their loved ones and their surroundings to the best of their ability and to try and find new ways of coping and to give it more time to see if symptoms may reduce in severity. I urge everyone to hold on a bit longer and have some faith in the research processes that are happening right now due to the patient community’s combined efforts and to see if their conclusions may yield insights into the condition, that will be building blocks towards a well-reasoned and targeted treatment suggestion in the future.


So sorry @Kelld56 that I thought you only have had mild symptoms and recoverd already. This disease is a beast attacking our souls and manhood im the most unfair way.

Some live with the beast, some can’t. But after all, wait some time, we have had a totally desperate young guy in our german group who recoverd to a livable life again. He was at the end sometimes too.


can you just wait until the science comes out with a verdict?

what if we have a treatment only a few years away?

at least wait until the science says we are permanently fucked before killing yourself

thats what im doing

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Please don’t do it man. I know the suffering is hell but you will ruin so many lives. Hang in there and there are better days ahead. I have thought many many times of doing this. I have come incredibly close a few times but have thankfully held on if not for me but for my family and friends. Please do the same there will be brighter days ahead I promise