Trying to improve the baseline

I’m after some views, thoughts!
My baseline is extremely bad and I was looking to improve my sleep to at least get a few hours restbite… Although I have no libido, interest in skirt I etc decided to knock one off to see if it would help put and keep me out. Years ago I noticed I’d sleep better after an empty. I haven’t flapped for a long time to try to keep things on an even keel. Here’s the thing I emptied him 1 week ago very quickly. It was followed my an erotic dream and better sleep. (5 hrs) the following day I wasn’t as crushed, I could walk in my stocking feet, joints weren’t sore etc. I swam 2 lengths and I literally exploded size wise. The pump stayed for approx 1 hour which doesn’t happen anymore. I felt the weight in my legs and arms. It fell away mostly. I repeated it 3 nights later, the same thing happened then after it fell away later the following evening it came back on line again and my old personality returned. I wanted to laugh and mix with people, sight restored, normal urination, weight in my dick etc . Then it fell away. As things stand one of my eyebrows has had a further sudden flattening my forhead has a new deep line like a sunken thumb print ( collagen loss) I’m extremely week and have bone pain everywhere. My lower spine and shoulders are particularly bad. My emotional state and cognitive function is one of a dementia like mess with irrational and dreadful thoughts, sight, gums, all other issues are back to their normal awful state. . My thinking is that the drop in T brought a quick restbite, then the receptors responded to the climb positively for a short while resulting in a short lived transformation they then got overwhelmed and bang. I continue to be of the view that this is repairable for everyone no matter how severe. Is it worth continuing on this path to buy myself a few moments of feeling alive or do u think I’m setting myself up for more damage by throwing t levels around though by natural methods. To note when I tried t gel for 2 days 2.5 years ago the pre crash improvement wasn’t as profound. Thanks Laz

Hey Laz,

I personally think we can not worsen our situation permanently by masturbating/ejaculation. I do believe it is good to keep everything up and running every once in a while, eg a couple times a week, to also keep the central nervous pathways active (what is left at least) but I am not sure if we can improve our baseline this way.

My personal experience is as follows: I tend to feel best if I masturbate about 3-4 times per week and keep it to one ejaculation each. I notice if I do multiple I will feel more blue the rest of the day and maybe also the next day.
I also notice how I sometimes feel a little bit more normal around masturbation, say ±2 hours during and after the act. But that quickly fades.

Hope that helps. Hang in there.


Do yo guys have pain when masturbate? My collagenous penis really hurts after I masturbate and can flare my hard flaccid for hours after. It’s like my collagens stretched from blood inflow and causes pain… I also lost my smooth muscle cells in the corporal, so only collagen left thanks to dut

@Ygb350 no pain my dick is dead and cold mostly. I can force one off and then he’s back to that state I have no arousal, spontaneous etc. It’s a lot smaller so I’ve lost tissue but that’s the case across my whole body. Sorry doubt that helps! @PFS thanks for your reply much appreciated

@LazarusRy – can you add these updates to your member story instead of creating new posts? It becomes hard to follow the progression of your symptoms and what’s going on with you if there are new topics for every symptom.


Good point @M_C. I will try to locate, cut and paste simple/common sense things prove quite difficult for me these days. Apologies!

It could help to favorite you member page for future edits. It’s also great for others to look up your chronological progress over time, and for any doctors looking up info thag goes the same.

Started doing it after the mods mentioned it, and saw someone else doing it. That person recovered partly, and it’s very helpful to see the chronological progress made. Definitely would recommend it as well.