Trying to cope with suicidal thoughts

Hello all, I apologise for the grim thread however I am struggling to cope. It has been three weeks since I came off finasteride and I have been constantly thinking about ending it all which is very out of character with the person I was before this. There is a bridge in the city where I live that I have often been thinking about jumping off and googling awful things.

I am so disappointed in myself for not researching more thoroughly the negatives before taking this ludicrous drug and the fact that I didn’t actually have the level of hairloss which necessitated this course of action makes things even worse.

My family are living in hell at the moment with the way I am acting, my sister was in floods of tears this morning however I felt nothing emotionally and just offered a pitiful hug to try make her feel better. My family are having to force me out of bed each morning and no doubt I will lose my job soon as I have no motivation to do anything.

The only thing I can be bothered to do is surf the forum which I seem to be addicted to over the last 10 days since I realised my condition. I appreciate this isn’t healthy however I can’t feel anything else. My diet is going downhill and I’m only exercising begrudgingly. I appreciate these things need to change but I’m not in the mindset to change them.

Do I just need to ride out the storm and hope things get better? I currently have no hope of improvement.

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I read your post here New sufferer and worried about the future. I’m so sorry to read of yet another young person having their life capsized by this cosmetic drug.

Never apologise for explaining how you feel on this website. This is part of the reason we’re here on this site, to support each other through this terrible disease.

I understand what you’re going through here. For months after my crash, I went through sustained periods of neurological symptoms so bad I didn’t know how much longer I could last. I spent a lot of time on this forum, searching through years old threads, speaking to people in PMs, looking for answers. Don’t feel apologetic for spending your time on here; most doctors have never heard of this disease let alone can be of much help… this is one of few places where you can speak and empathise with others who share the condition.

Don’t flagellate yourself over this so soon after having this reaction to finasteride that you’ve had. My advice would be to be kind to yourself during this period and do not push yourself into anything you do not feel up to. That you can exercise at all is a good sign in my opinion. I was an avid gym goer for years prior to my crash; I could barely walk for five minutes in the first weeks after my crash, much less exercise in an aerobic/weight lifting sense.

I know what it feels like to be hopeless when battling this condition. I felt that way for around 6 and a half months. It was a truly, truly terrible period, an experience I could never have imagined being possible prior to it happening. I wrote some more about it here Scared, would like advice on PFS timeframe and you can read through my original member story if you want to see what a state I was in when I arrived here.

My advice is, yes, you’re going to have to ride this out. You’re less than 4 weeks post your last dose of the drug; as a general rule we advise that one should consider themselves to have Post Finasteride Syndrome if they’re having persistent symptoms for at least 3 months post cessation of the drug. You only took the drug very recently and there have been several accounts of people here making member stories with a litany of problems who then go on to state they recovered after a few weeks/months. But whatever happens, we’ll be here for you @aw93.


Im really sorry to hear your story man.

There are so many of us who are suffering the consequences of this drug.

Most people improve or at least stabilize over time.

Try to get your mind off of this, and focus on things that give you happiness.

If you don’t have a friend or family member you can open up to, I would highly recommend talking to a therapist. This has helped me a lot.