Trying low dose HCG

Has anybody had any positive experiences with HCG lately? Seems like there were a few threads about it but only a few people updated their experiences.

I had an appointment with a urologist who was somewhat familiar with PFS today. He said that I could start low dose testosterone but I said I would rather not and asked him about HCG. He said I could try low dose HCG, 500 UI twice a week and see if that helps.

I’ve been trying to follow a user called Helen’s theory from other forums such as raypeat where a few people mentioned they were cured after downregulating ARs by taking proviron. I was not able to get proviron so I used Cistanche extract instead which was studied to downregulate AR. However, I highly doubt that 2 weeks of taking cistanche is anywhere near as powerful as proviron. After the downregulating of AR however, those people would then follow the proviron up with HCG which would act as a PCT and downregulate overexpressed ERa.

I’m hoping to begin the HCG soon and just wanted to know if anybody had any good experiences with it recently.

Thank you.

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Whatever you do please be careful
Many guys on here do not advocate experimenting as it may make you worse

Just please know what you’re doing before you try anything

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I am trying my best to research before I start anything. A lot of people have had success with HCG so I don’t think it would make things worse. If it does I’m sure it would go away after stopping it. Of course I fear getting worse from trying something but I fear living like this for the rest of my life even more.

I have tried 6 months of hCG 300IU eod from January to June this year.
Baseline testosteron was 12 nmol/L (median for age 20-30 is ±22nmol/L). During the hCG my testosteron was 35nmol/L and E2 was way above range.

The hCG had no effect on the flat emotions/anhedonia/non-existent libido.
The positive effects for me were:

  • Slightly more energy
  • Softer stools
  • Semen was more like it used to be

My thoughts: We cannot alter the mental/central nervous system with hCG. Something in our brain has been knocked off balance or permanently damaged.

After the serious drop in energy I restarted hCG this August with 200IU every 3 days to reach more normal levels of testosteron and keep E2 in check. Mental symptoms have not changed one bit since.

In addition I have started mesterolone (proviron) 200mg per day for about 2 weeks now. I was inspired by Rebelwithacause’s story on another forum.
Apart from a slight but bearable headache I have not noticed any positive or negative changes. I’m not experiencing the worsening of symptoms like Pal described after he started proviron 200mg. Still hoping for the best of course. Cognitive function is good.