Trump's dementia test reflects nothing more than androgens

I inadvertently observed trump relationship with his wife, is not very good, may be because of erectile dysfunction, as a result of finasteride, Mr Trump’s behavior disorders and dementia test, are similar in patients with PFS, and force, the force me to understand here is head of the low level of neurotransmitters, choose to handle our new things, the brain will be in accordance with the thinking mode to deal with things in the past, will not be too much to consider, this is the thinking mode of PFS patients is very close, I think if handled the PFS, the trump dealing with things will more wisely

I’m sorry, I translated with the translator, maybe it didn’t translate very well, sorry:)

He has it, it’s clear. The most obvious reason is how he only sleeps a few hours each night.

I would think he has it becuz he is not losing those precious hairs of his for years now…I never had such thick hair in my life before the crash…can someone take my hair and give me my life back?..sigh

i agree with you

I just Googled and Trump is said to sleep 4-5 hours, Obama almost 5 hours, (former British Prime Minister) Margaret Thatcher 4 hours, Clinton 4-6 hours.

It might just go with the territory.


He does seem to have PFS behavior to me. He doesn’t seem to have fear or anxiety of any kind, maybe mild brain fog, and definitely dry skin. He’s still on Finasteride though, so if he forgets to dose maybe he bounces back occasionally. He’s also 74 though so it’s hard to say.

Nah, none of them have red eyes all the time and huge bags under their eyes like Trump, if they sleep less it’s cause their body is used to it. Trump has red eyes/bags, it’s a telltale sign among all 5AR inhibitor sleep problems, he’s not rested.

I’m not saying you’re wrong but if you look at pictures of Trump when he was younger he looks like he’s got bags under his eyes to a degree and now he’s 74…?

Either way, it would be helpful if he decided he wanted to help us out. How come nobody here is ever rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful?

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He’s been on it for a while, there are pics when he had no bags. Any article in the past that mentions his sleep indicates the sleep problems started pretty early.