TRTs influence on neurosteroids

if we take a look at the pathways of steroidogenesis, we can see that there are many steps of conversion involved from cholesterol to testosterone. one important for brain-health is pregnenolone.
but if one starts trt, he supplements midway in this pathway. if the body then stops producing its own T, will in consequence precursor hormones of testosterone like pregnenolone go down too?

Yeah, that is why those who do TRT with HCG, or another LH analogue (NOT CLOMID) tend to report better experiences. I’d recommend checking out some bodybuilding websites, guys talk about that all the time. They often describe it as a calming

why not clomid? i know it can give heavy mental sides. but on the plus side its cheap, easy to get, no injection needed.
do you mean TRT plus HCG or HCG only as a TRT? is DHT itself precursor for neurosteroids?

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Clomid is very estrogenic. For example, Clomid for me makes me feel like shit whilst HCG makes me calm/happy.