TRT protocol works finally

Hi guys!
I’m on Trt last years on and off. I use 100mg test-enantat + 1mg arimidex weekly now
This protocol works nice for me, I am stable can have sex every day. Sometimes need sildenafil to be 100% ready but I can accept that as it don’t happen really often.
My mind is calm relaxed but I think thats because of the long time suffering so I don’t care anymore if I have a bad day mentally.
I found mypersonal cure after some wild experiments and will take it my whole Life. The most important thing for me was control estrogen as it was not high but in relation to test it was dominant. I think the unbalance is what makes us feel like castrated. I will come back sometimes to report wish all of you the best!


Thanks for your update man! Is this regime still working for you? I also took Accutane, or Roaccutane what it’s called over here in Holland.

any updates?

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