TRT finally failed me

It happened. Today I pinned (a lot to be fair shouldn’t have done it) 150mg of Test E and boom. Libido lowered and dick went from numb and weak to numb and completely lifeless.

My libido generates some strange feeling in my balls that’s really uncomfortable. The things that turn me on are severely reduced. Visualizing/imagination is out of my control again and not fluid and vivid.

What. The. Fuck

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I’m not saying you’re wrong, but TRT takes weeks if not months to dial in and get a steady/constant level of testosterone with appropriate levels of E2.


I think you’re misunderstanding. I was on TRT before fin and had completely fine libido, it was annoyingly high never had a problem getting my dick up at all. Now its completely numb and lifeless, usually after a TRT shot my libido slightly increases throughout the day but now it has DECREASED my libido, very bizzare.

I should also mention my libido has been slowly decreasing so I was hoping this shot would increase it but nope it lowered it.

I read that people on this forum experience a slight relief and feel TRT works for a few weeks (which in the past couple weeks I kind of responded) then suddenly they crash and their shots begin to make them feel worse and thats why TRT isn’t the cure.

Well it finally happened to me, TRT stopped working in the fashion described by many members here.

As theory goes, we have overexpressed AR. Therefore, the cells lower their density. So, more androgens introduced, more shutdown of the cells. Your body can’t handle more androgens because of PFS. You are making yourself worse with taking Androgens. Idk about some other peoole exprienced the contrary.


I understand the theory but I’m pretty early into PFS (1 month). I thought since it’s a low androgen state that brought me into this, having a slighter higher T might eventually allow me to stabilise.

I’m going to commit suicide if I slowly get worse (which I am ffs), I wanna slowly get better not slowly become more impotent than I already am in my 20s

I don’t have much to live for by the looks of things anymore, I can’t believe my life is just readily wrote off by Merck as necessary collateral. Really fuckin sucks that this turned out to be my fate

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The higher the dose the more it will convert into estrogen try going back to what you were on before, don’t mess with it to much.


Dude, i know its easier said than done, but please hold on…I have been in your place (And trust me i was way worse than you, losing all sensation, losing taste, and smell senses besides the usual sexual sides, and mental fog), and while i wont disocurage you from comitting suicide, since its your body, and your life, and if you think its not worth, then its not, but please at least look into other treatments, even if experimental, or at least wait for others (like myself) who are trying to figure it out…You are way early in this shit, and i have no doubt, that it would get better for you with time…Its pretty shitty situation, but we are here as a community together, and im sure we will somehow figure something out…Im working on it…stay tuned my man


From my experience I don’t think TRT didn’t work, it worked at times then it stopped working, I think it became very hard to balance the hormones.

In my case I think it was really difficult to balance T and E ratios and keep everything working properly. I know that TRT worked at times, and it made me super strong that’s one of the benefits I really liked about it, but it made me super moody and aggressive along with the inconsistency in sexual functioning.

I found my mood felt a lot more consistent when just using HCG.

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Before PFS I could ride extremely high estrogen levels and feel fine, it only hit my libido when I became a water buffalo on high doses of test. I think I’ll experiment with as low a dose as possible for now.

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Ty man I appreciate you opting in. I certainly could be worse. You said ‘had’ so I take it you made some recovery thankfully? Did your sense of taste and stuff come back? I think I would’ve already ended it now if I had all that so I can say for certain your perseverance is strong.

I’ll definitely try to hold on and try some treatments but every time I get discouraged I seriously just think about giving up and snapping out, didn’t help that this is a very stressful time of my life (hence start fin really didn’t want the baldness to add, added stress, well funny how that turned out) so it just keeps getting a bit much for me right now.

Thanks for your kind words tho, we are all certainly in this together

When did you stop taking Propecia?

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About a month ago give or take a few days.

You probably don’t have PFS. Just try to not think about it and probably avoid this site for a few months. If it’s still bad in 6 months then sure come back and start considering possibility you have PFS. Imho

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Why have my pubic hair gone from normal colour to grey? Why do I have new veins on my dick? Why is my dick numb? Why has my body hair began to change to whitish? Why do I smell ‘weird’? Why do I get 3-4 hours sleep a night? Why has my dick lost girth and the skin elasticity decreased?

Looking back in the past two weeks I’ve had periods of hyper androgenicity just as people say you will now I’m at complete loss of libido and sexual function

I really hope I don’t have pfs but these are symptoms of something more serious imo

Of course I would go to a doctor. I’m just saying that it’s probable your hormones just haven’t stabilized yet.

Is that a possibility? I really hope it is but shouldn’t everything be back to norm after 2 week?

It seems I’m suffering from androgen deprivation and pinning now makes me worse. Unsure what to do.

My libido is just shit atm

I’m sorry if I bothered you, but couldn’t you have taken the survey?

i dont want to sound weak or shit, but i really tried to take the survey multiple times, and every time i fall into a deep depression, that it takes me a week or so to get better from …Plus to be honest, while i appreciate all the effort, that is put into this survey, i cant see, how its supposed to help our cause (Other than documenting our suffering to the next generations of arrogant doctors to learn and take seriously their patients suffering)…We need to attract the media into this issue, which is something really hard, considering the amount of other diseases on this planet…Funding a research through the foundation to find anything that might help is just a dreamy way to waste money (Again i appreciate the effort really), but there is no way in my mind, for a researcher to understand a disease, if he cant create an animal model of the same disease…Only way is to dissect some of us, and look deeply inside every organ, which is something that cant happen (Since we are all young, and noone is dying from old age any soon)…I dont want to sound pessimistic, but its the truth, and if we want to solve this issue, then we have to experiment on ourselves (Taking into considerartion, that it might lead us to the grave, which is a risk im willing to take)

Today I walked about 30 mins in absolute misery and regret, I got to the bridge I was walking to. I kept telling myself I could end my suffering, I couldn’t bring myself to do it I guess I just don’t have the balls to jump I just looked over the rail for a while it was like I was in autopilot.

I just hate feeling like I’ve poisoned myself and no one else in the world is going to understand. I hate not knowing if this is permanent and I’ve destroyed any chance at a good life. The main thing I wanted out of life was a love life that made me happy and now that could be all gone.

Its actually harder than you think to kill yourself

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