TRT and Natrural Treatments are healing my body

My program consists of a single 250mg T shot at the very beginning to either stop the endocrine crashes from happening again or prevent them from happening in the first place.

After that it is then down to diet, exercise, hot baths, meditation and semen retention.

The program consists of

Heating up the kidneys everyday. This can be done by taking a hot shower to your back for about 20 mins, a hot bath or with cardio exercise. I find that gentle cardio exercise on a cross trainer with a sweat jacket for 45 minutes every day works the best for me. If you are taking a hot bath or hot shower to your kidney region, you will notice that your heart will start beating faster after about 20 mins or so. It will calm down again as soon as you finish. No need to worry about it.

I practice meditation everyday, i generally do 45mins in the morn and 45mins at bedtime. I also practice mindfulness and say mantras to myself if my emotions are getting to strong in either direction, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Another thing that works for me if my emotions are running high, i just sit still in a chair and close my eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. It is important to keep your mind as calm as you can to progress your recovery each day. Mood management is really important for your recovery.

Diet is important for your recovery each day also. There are certain things that you must avoid such as alcohol, spicy food, caffeine and sugary foods. High fiber foods and fruit and vegetables are good to combat constipation. Give your body foods that are not too taxing for your digestive system. If your daily stools are quite lumpy or type 2 on the Bristol Stool Chart, you need to add more fruits and vegetables and also drink plenty of water.

Semen retention. I limit ejaculations to twice a month.

Acupuncture is also very good , but not mandatory, if you do enough meditation you can get by without it.

I have seen great progress with this and have seen dramatic improvements mentally, physically and sexually and continue to improve.

When doing the program correctly i can get up to 10 spontaneous erections daily as well as really good morning wood along with good sleep with dreams. As well as a good mood and increased ability to deal with stress.

It took me a long time to build up to this level in my recovery, that is because i had so many crashes.

If i just got the T shot right away when i lost all wood ( morn, daytime, evening ) and had watery ejaculate, i would have saved myself a lot of time and not had to experience those horrible crashes.

My crashes were all the same , major panic attack for about 45 mins so severe that i was struggling to breathe followed by severe suicidal depression for about 72 hrs and the feeling that my head was stuck in a vice afterwards for about 2 weeks.

These endocrine crashes are to be avoided at all costs. They will just add years to your recovery.

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My program after the initial T shot is basically the adrenal fatigue recovery program.

People have been talking about the link between PFS and adrenal fatigue on this site for over 10 years now.

Even Dr. Crisler talks about it. I believe that some people just have weak endocrine systems and when they take a medication such as Propecia or herb (Saw Palmetto in my case), this can rapidly induce adrenal fatigue in previously healthy people and then the endocrine crashes that can follow just make a bad situation worse.

What should take 6 months to recover can now become much longer due to the crashes.

More crashes means longer recovery time.

That is why i believe that everyone should take a single 250mg T shot just as a precaution before they start this recovery program.

whats your test injection frequency. What do you mean at the very beginning

Do you do this daily? Once a week?

A big problem with this forum is that people aren’t clear as to what they are doing.

No worries.

T injection frequency was once a week. I had 2 shots in total.

First shot gave me huge boost to body, second did nothing and made me feel kinda weird so i stopped after that.

I mean at the very beginning of my recovery program. Before i started my program of diet,exercise,hot baths, meditation and semen retention.

I believe that a single 250mg shot which is a weekly dose is all people need to prevent the endocrine crashes from occurring or stop them if people have already had one.

What type of ester?

Describe your body boost symptoms, what did you feel exactly

Really good morning wood on the first morning after the T shot.

Mentally, there was a noticeable difference with my baseline of mood and in my stress levels.

I had Testosterone cypionate ( brand name Depo-Testosterone )

What about libido, did you continue to get morning wood?

No i did not continue to get morning wood from the T shot.

I got major morning wood the very next morn after the T shot and it subsided after that.

It just really gave my libido a big boost immediately after the shot and faded away after that.

You will just feel the effects of the T shot for the first week and that is pretty much it.

I believe that the T shot plays a vital role in this recovery but it is only the first step.

Further T shots after the first one will not really do anything for you.

The rest is down to you after that.

I now get really good morning wood from my daily program of exercise with a sweat jacket, heating up my kidneys with a hot water bottle at my lower back. Also there is meditation, diet and semen retention.

If you had it before, did the testosterone shot do anything to thicken watery semen or help sexual anhedonia (pleasureless orgasm)?

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Yes , after 3 and a half months of saw palmetto, i had watery semen and no orgasm strength and sexual feeling at all.

The T shot started my recovery but did not make everything right.

After the T shot, my daily practice of my program over a number of years has brought my body back to a stage where my orgasm is very good strength,sexual feeling really good, daily erections are good, libido is starting to return, sleep is really good.

I remember my dreams every night indicating deep sleep. I am not 100% recovered yet, but i have made huge progress so far and continue to do so.

See the top of this thread to see my program.

Just take a T shot ( just 1 250mg shot ) is all you need to stop the endocrine crashes.

I had a lot of crashes, that is why my recovery is taking so long.

What is T shot?TRT?

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T shot means Testosterone injection.
TRT means testosterone replacement therapy.

I think everybody on this forum should take a single 250 mg T shot as a precaution to stop the endocrine crashes from happening.

The endocrine crashes are the part where people say ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

A single T shot will stop this from happening and allow you to get on with your recovery.

I can’t relate to these endocrine crashes you mention. But do you find improvements in mental sides other than those related to sexuality?

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Thank you for explanation.
After my supplement trials,(if no improvement) I might try them.

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Yes, my program improves everything, mental, physical, sexual. Also sleep improved also too.

Just 1 shot of testosterone is all you need to kick start your system then everything else i do is natural, exercise, meditation, hot baths, good diet and reduce ejaculations to 1 or 2 times per month.

So you think everyone should TRT treatment?
Do you have some suggestions like supplements?

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If you can exercize, you haven’t the syndrome.


Not the problem whether having pfs or not,but the problem of the degrees.It’s up to persons.

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