Trintellix - any luck or additional side effects?

Has anyone had luck with Trintellix, or conversely additional sides from it? The article states 20-40% of people had sexual sides from it based on dosage. I know we need to stay away from SSRI’s but this is apparently a lower incidence than other antidepressants. I have to get my anxiety out of control but feel like I just don’t have any good options.

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I did take 2 doses of vortioxetine/trintellix and had a pretty severe crash from it, however I bounced back and ended up much better than I had before I started. It’s commonplace in the PFS community for antiandrogenic substances to make cases better or worse (and vortioxetine is antiandrogen since it is a serotonin modulator), so it’s up to you to decide whether or not to take it.

That being said, I’m aware of 3 other cases who took it like a regular antidepressant (doses every day) for months and had positive results from it.

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Which symptoms got worse with the crash and which symptoms improved afterwards?

I took it and it did not help my PFS nor anything else.

The statistic that it is somehow better than other antidepressants is just the usual drug company spin. Data can be reformulated or hidden to make a magic number come up that makes their new drug look super.

Didn’t even help depression?

Everything got worse with the crash (mental and sexual symptoms incl anhedonia, erectile function, numbness, libido, derealization, anxiety), and everything got better than before I took it after I bounced back. Libido was higher than it had been since pfs for a couple of months, I even had wet dreams.

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