Tribulus Terrestris Diary


I spoke to JustQuitDut on the phone last night and based on my symptoms (low libido, low sensitivity) he thinks finasteride induced low testosterone in me but not full blown PFS. He suggested I try a natural testosterone booster to see how that goes.

From there:

If I have a positive reaction, then I need to go on HRT.
If I have no reaction then I do indeed have PFS.

I have bought my tribulus from and will be taking 500mg per day.

They even have a FAQ about low testosterone here:

Q: Can Tribestan still help with my low testosterone levels?
A: If someone has been using steroids for years and thinks they’ve done irreparable damage to their endocrine system, in most cases Tribestan will return testosterone levels and luteinizing hormone levels to the normal range of someone 22-30 years old. These people would simply never cycle off Tribestan. They wouldn’t follow the 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule. This would be the same protocol for middle-aged men (40 plus). They could stay on Tribestan for the rest of their lives and experience heightened testosterone production, which results in more energy, increased vigor and greater strength levels. Remember tribestan is the original Bulgarian tribulus!

I will keep this topic updated with my progress. Hopefully it will be here in the next few days.


I have low testosterone and tried Tribestan brand tribulus a few years ago. It didn’t do anything for me, but I’ve also never responded to any brands of tribulus, even taking massive daily doses. Everyone is different though, so you may have success with it.


Thanks for the feedback. Judging by your story it seems you are more likely to be suffering from pfs. JustQuitDut believes I just have low Testosterone. If that’s the case then I should respond to tribulus. He has another protocol to deal with estrogen if you have full blown pfs.


Why not just go for the jugular and just get an assay on testosterone/dihydrotestosterone? This would give an instant and scientifically-valid reading of whether or not you have low testosterone. Rather than beating-about-the-bush.


I had them tested but as far as clueless docs are concerned it’s normal. I’m told results that indicate normal Testosterone are still too low.


Tribulus came and I took it last night. Woke with wood and libido this morning. Sensitivity still poor however.

Erections: 10/10
Libido: 9/10
Sensitivity: 3/10


Nopecia could you define “sensitivity”? Im confused about this. Thanks


Numbness. Sounds promising nopecia. Good luck mate.


Thanks terrified :slight_smile: you considering trying?

And yeah, sensitivity just refers to how it feels compared to before I took finasteride. Granted I’m comparing it to 3 years ago but I haven’t eaten meat in 12 years and I still remember how that tastes :laughing:


Nopecia your compromised testosterone system can only produce so much testosterone. You have what I call “first stage pfs” which is pfs causing hypogonadism. I had it before stage 2 pfs, nothing is going to really work like testosterone. If you ever take anything with saw palmetto in it you will end up with full blown pfs. If I were you I would read up on hrt and learn how to use testosterone and go on it if there really aren’t any hrt doctors in the UK? That’s hard to believe but I guess possible with socialized medicine.
If you had pfs you would feel shitty by now from the estrogen induced by the testosterone, but with first stage pfs you will still produce more estrogen than normal. I suggest you find an hrt doctor or teach yourself and go on it before you take a natural supplement with saw palmetto in it and do yourself in for good.
You are lucky you met me, I just cured your pfs lol, now go live life my friend, you don’t need to deal with it anymore. Once you take that first dose of testosterone, you will never look back, the feeling is something that can neverbe duplicated. It is why I have spent the last 6 months trying to get it back and with success finally. I suspect many here have merely finasteride induced hypogonadism, traditional doctors consider almost any testosterone level in men normal. You want it to be 900-1200, but traditional doctors will say even 200 is normal. Remember that because you have fin induced pfs you may need more test.
I never could handle a high dose of test due to my oily skin which I tried to cure with avodart which is what got me into this mess, being a mad scientist and what’s getting me out of it lol


Utter utter horse shit. Claiming to be curing guys is obscene. FYI I tried his protocol and it lowered my libido ans gave me sore joints. A known side effect of ai s. Don this false prophet. His advice is dangerous.


He didn’t try my protocol, he used Aromasin which I WARNED him not to use as it is suppressive of our own DHT, he argued with me that it was not and now he is complaining because it did exactly as I told him. This guy will ruin this for everyone mark my words.



You’ve got me thinking now… the longer I’ve had “first stage pfs” the more problems I’ve had with anxiety in my life. Could that be because of the high estrogen production? I always get intense paranoia and anxiety after smoking weed or drinking alcohol, but I think I have generalised anxiety too.


PFS, I was just trying to convince a friend of mine on Finasteride that his anxiety problems are all from Finasteride that he has been on for years, he of course does not believe me. Once I got my estrogen under control my anxiety went away, if you get on testosterone the DHT should regulate your estrogen. You aren’t yet fucked up where you will produce more estrogen than DHT, so you should start it up.
Your anxiety is def from estrogen, finasteride causes anxiety in lots of men who don’t even have PFS


which brad of tribulus should i try?


Tribestan. Buy Balkan Tribulus.


Where is the best place to get this? It’s an old product and there seems to be multiple of the same Tribestan product on Amazon. How do I know I’m getting the real deal?


I’ve been taking 5 pills of Tribestan for a week now. Noticed nothing! And my capusels start to finish. The 60 pill package was so expensive in my country. Don’t know what to think.


There’s not much to think about. It doesn’t work for most of us. I used a whole box of Tribestan and it didn’t do anything noticeable.

The vast majority either have slight temporary effects or notice nothing at all.


I’ve seen some success stories of combining the Tribulus with progesterone cream? Still want to continue reading up on this but I think this might be my next path to explore as fas as non prescription medicine