Tribulus question


Hey guys,

I’ve asked this in the tribulus recovery threads but I seem to just get shoulder shrugs. My question is that tribulus is supposed to increase androgen receptor density but isn’t that our problem to begin with? I thought a study showed we have upregulated AR already so what good would tribulus do by making more receptors?

I’m finishing up a second cycle with the mediherb stuff and ive noticed a few things such as firmer muscle tone and maybe some more energy but other than that I’m about the same.



All I can fathom is that there’s some magic to tribulus itself we don’t understand. It features in quite a few recoveries, but could quite possibly be people getting better anyway. I’ve heard it be good for (and seen studies regarding) androgens, AR, NADPH…

Not sure anyone really knows. But no guarantees for it as with many things. Used to make me feel WAY worse too.


I have read studies that Tribulus raises testosterone. I react to it quite positively but need a very high dose for a meaningful effect. This makes sense because all other things equal, (much) higher testosterone should lead to stronger libido, erections, etc, even if there is androgen insensitivity. This is only a temporary effect while the supplementation lasts (it pretty much disappears the next day after stopping) and I doubt it will lead to any baseline improvement, let alone a “cure”, although I am open to being pleasantly surprised. It also has side effects, including more hair loss.