Tribulus has improved my condition- how to cycle it?

Hi, long time sufferer of 4 years here. Lots of ups and downs during that period, with ED being my most significant symtom. Have had good periods and bad periods over that time…like a long feedback loop

After a bad patch last month (no morning wood, unable to sustain erection without cialis) decided to try the medi herb tribulus/ progesterone cream protocol and have had remarkable results… almost back to 100pc first 5 days but has dropped to c. 80pc last few days…

Has anyone figured out the best way to cycle tribulus to make sure benefits are maintained?



Read this:

The guy that cured from tribulus had this to say about tribulus cycles, read his first post: Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years

And great to hear man. But you’re only cured for a week or something then?


maybe cured is the wrong word but felt 100pc for about 4 days and still feel good now. Everything seemed to resolve, eq, libido, shrinkage, sensitivity the works

i don’t understand the science but this at least tells me its not tissue damage and it has to be resolvable


I’ve cycled through 2 bottles of Mediherb and made great gains to my finsomnia. Then I lost all my sleep gains when I tried a third bottle of Mediherb and my muscle stiffness came back. Was a bad batch with impurities. Thats the pattern I am seeing with people who’ve crashed with tribulus: using questionable brands taken at large doses. Impurities, possibly adulterants even. Standardization and quality control is an issue in the supplement industry.

I’ve had a few spontaneous days of improved sleep like pre-third bottle but now I sleep for around 3 hours at a time like when I first withdrew from finasteride.

I just stuck with the Jewish dude’s cycling protocol. But you should just find out what works best for yourself based on previous cycles.

Do you mean your thrid bottle was not mediherb?

Third bottle was Mediherb.

What do you guys think about Vemoherb?

so i answered my own question, apparently there was some lithuanian study that enhanced sexual impact for 10 days after which effects started to dwindle

Ive reached day 8 and still maintaining daily morning wood, so going to stop tomorrow and cycle on to tongkat ali

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Could you share the study?

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Hi Eskimojoe… Glad to hear you had remarkable results and it sounds like you’re getting close or you’re even at a 90+% recovery… Would you mind sharing the link to where you buy the medi herb tribulus/ progesterone cream and the tongkat ali too please? I’d like to try them both once or twice a week for a couple of months and see if it can get me going.

I’ve always felt best using just ONE pill of good quality Tribulus per day (taken before bedtime preferably).

Attempting to use more and things started to feel all kinds of wrong. So I don’t really recommend cycling up to 10 pills per day or anything obscene like that guy did. But that’s just my experience. I take 1 pill for a few days sequentially, then drop it.

Oh and contrary to what Tribulus is marketed for (a libido booster), I’ve literally always LOST most of my libido when taking it, esp. when using more than one pill per day - completely asexual. I don’t know if this is a thing where PFS people just respond the opposite of ‘normal’ people or what, but it’s been a fixture thus far.

It’s just sad that after 15 years people on this forum still talk about herbal home remedies that have never cured anyone, after thousands of attempts, more than they do about getting research started.