Tribulus has beta-sitoristol, should I not take it?

I took a pill of this tribulus brand, and I felt okay for about 8 hours, then around night time I started getting extreme depressive symptoms and brain fog like never before. Maybe it was because I was 14 days nofap, but I fapped and ruined my streak and felt a bit better. I emailed the manufacturer who confirmed there is almost certainly b-sitoristol in it.

Should I not take it? I feel back to normal now.

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I’m sure you’re aware of this by now but in case you’re not, a few of our members have worsened themselves significantly by using tribulus. I don’t think you should use it any further, particularly given your reaction to it already.


Messing 5ar even more is dangerous. Yes tribuls does contain beta sitosterol, especially cheap ones. If you want to risk with tribulus go only with MediHerb and Vemoherb, don’t use other brands.

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Whats beta sitoristol does?

I crushed on trib… No way again in my life

Went through two bottles of Mediherb and it worked very nicely wrt helping my insomnia. Third bottle felt dirty. It reset all my sleep gains and gave me muscle stiffness. Could have been a coincidence or something else in my diet, but I strongly suspect it was because of the tribulus containing harmful plant sterols.

Inhibits 5-AR

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I see, it seems saw palmetto also has it and is one of the mechanism

Took MediHerb and VemoHerb tribulus for over a year. Helped a lot (the changes are permanent) but I feel like I’ve plateaued on what it can do for me.

Definitely better than before I ever took it however.