Tremors - Any suggestion?

Hi! I’m a musician and one of the symptoms that drives me crazy are tremors (in the hands, neck/head, arms) and muscle twitches.
While on Fin I was diagnosed with “hypertonia and kinetic and postural tremors”. After almost a year they’re still there.
I think they’re are correlated to demyelinitation (MS alike action tremors), to anxiety (Gaba receptors not working properly) and loss of dopamine (Parkinson’s alike tremors), maybe all of that are correlated to allopregnanolone loss.

Has anyone of you recovered from them? Do you have any suggestion?

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Hi, so funny I was just today thinking about this link

I have muscle spasms at night and i have many indicators of an aggravated dopaminergic function.
I dobt usually post here but i saw ur post and decided to suggest you to try either tudca/udca or uridine+dha+choline. Its what im going to try in hopes to help me
Good luck

I tried Choline and Omega 3s (for the DHA) but they didn’t gave me results (on the “shaking” side).
Hope this combo will do the work for you, maybe I’ll give it a try. … pd/page-41

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I am rather certain that these symptoms - fasciculations, tremors, joint clicking/pain all have a common cause. They are all caused by chronic muscle and fascia tension. Upstream of that would likely be something wrong in the nervous system.

If I start getting a lot of fasciculations in my arm I’ll start getting elbow clicking/pain (since the tightness causes improper function of the joint) and a tremor.

It is also no coincidence that chronic pelvic pain syndrome (which at the very least causes most of our sexual issues) is the result of chronic muscle and fascia tension.

This is my #1 problem at the moment as many other PFS issues have been resolved. I believe my myelin is totally screwed and believe me it is 100 times worse than losing any hair. What seems to help for me is deep heat, warm baths and deep tissue massages. Keeping the muscles active, and or extended seems to help. Sleeping on my back with my arms above my head helps. But doing weights, while not painful, is highly disturbing mainly due to the snap crackle and pop of the joints.

I think same! But how to fix that?

Any relief for tremors , I have whole body tremors and its not improving…