Trazadone safe for insomnia? What drugs are safe for PFS sleep-maintenance insomnia?

Will Trazadone worsen PFS like SSRIs even though it’s an SARI? I know I’ve been warned about using it but I wanted some specifics to be sure. lbv warned me directly and also awor had made a post warning about its use along with other ADs that work on 5htp worsening PFS. He mentioned a user on here who used Trazadone and it just destroyed him even further after PFS. I am half too frightened to roll the dice any further and half hopelessly desperate for some sleep (25 to 50mg). Hopefully I can get some clear answers.

No drugs are safe.
But you could try Mirtazapine (the safest I’m my opinion) at low level. To start every other day.

Why don’t you try all the supps mentioned here?

Good luck anyway!

Some people get a relief from Anti depressants, and another is not. I know using any drug is not safe.
But some people like me, had a severe mental side, this is a matter Life and Death. So you really need any drugs, Using it for you life.
I’m now using brintellix on 2 weeks and helped a little.
Choice is yours.

Doesn’t mirtazapine induce 3a-HSD which is something to be avoided as that would have further anti-androgenic effects?

What supplements do you recommend for middle insomnia?

What has resolved my insomnia is silexan. I took it for anxiety and it has helped my insomnia significantly also. What is silexan? I copied from a posting I made title “Anxiety Improvement”. There I described what helped me with anxiety. As my insomnia kept improving along with my anxiety, I did some more research and found that there are published studies that show that silexan (lasea) also helps significantly with insomnia. Please read the copy of my post following.

“Silexan: One of the physicians from Europe in the “Resources” section of suggested “Lasea” (which in the US is known as silexan). Silexan is lavender extract in the form of a capsule. I did do some research and when I googled “silexan clinical trials” or “lasea clinical trials” I was plesantly surprised to see that there have been good quality clinical trials where silexan went head to head vs lorazepam (Ativan) and placebo, and also another trial where it went head to head vs Paxil and placebo. In both studies, silexan was shown to be as effective against anxiety as Ativan and Paxil after 10 weeks but unlike both these medications with their well known side effects, silexan side effects were same as in the patients taking placebo. I was told that it takes a full 2 weeks before you notice the improvement in symptoms and sure enough it did take 2 weeks. I have been on silexan for 1 month and my anxiety is certainly better. I have been very happy with the results. My anxiety levels have decreased by 30-50% so it has become much more manageable. I have had no side effects other than the one side effect reported as occasional mild burping with a lavender scent which is not at all unpleasant.”

I am now in my 8th week of using silexan and my awful insomnia has resolved and anxiety is much more manageable. Silexan is sold in health food stores, usually under the name “CalmAid”. There may other other names. It comes in an 80mg capsule. Hope it helps. All the best.


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I found that lavender oil can be an endocrine disruptor:

It has anti-androgenic and estrogenic effects. It’s such a bummer that terpenes have such effects to them as they are found in so many healthy things.

Trazadone was originally invented to be an anti-depressant. However, it also has the effect of greatly increasing libido but you need to take it every day for 6-8 weeks to get that benefit. Typically you should take it at night because it can make you sleepy.

It is worth noting that several people have reported persistent side effects from the treatment with Trazadone. A few have been utterly destroyed.

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Trazodone = Poison