Total leukocytes

Do you have a leukocytes exam? My leukocytes almost doubled within tree months. This is certainly an autoimmune disease.

09/03/2019: Total leukocytes: 6310ul (3600 - 11000).

12/12/2019: Total leukocytes: 11220ul (3600 - 11000).

Now I’m scared.

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Where did you have this test done?

Could also be unrelated

This wouldn’t surprise me at all- systematic wide spread inflammation with pathogens and fungus running rampant will probably increase T cell count due to inhibition of androgen pathways that regulate the immune system. On another note at the time of my crash my tongue was completely white (oral thrush) candida that never went away for several months even with the aid of nystatin an oral antibiotic.

Was wondering if anyone of you guys have crimson crescents in the throat?

I believe all the PFS stories suggest an autimmune matrix, in which the immune system recognizes androgens (or receptors) as a threat. The severity of the symptoms depended on how many tissues are attacked. In my case, for example, after the last crash, my immune system also started to attack the connective tissues of joints, ligaments and tendons. Manipulating hormones, more often than not, can be fatal.


I no longer know what to do in the short term to have at least a slight improvement in my erections. My cock is completely soft, as if there is nothing solid inside it. I would like advice from @awor e @axolotl. I don’t know if I try to use any corticosteroids for now.

This article is very useful to understand that in Peyrone disease (many PFSers are affected) there is a large amount of immunoreactivity in the penile tissue. This is further confirmation that it is an autoimmune disorder.

Going around the speech of hormones is stupid and sometimes dangerous. Our bodies reject androgens. Immunoreactivity should be stopped … Here, however, we come to the worst part of the discussion, because autoimmune diseases have no cure. Multiple sclerosis, for example, is an autoimmune disease, and although it has gained notoriety and billions of dollars in funding, it has not been possible to find a cure.

It depends on the intensity of autoimmune disease. There are many cases of cure of these diseases by diets, corticosteroids and probiotics.

There is a relationship between low VitaminD and high WBC especially eosinophils. Also low vitamin D causes many autoimmune issues.

Impact of vitamin D deficiency on increased blood eosinophil counts

Vitamin D made crash brutally a member of this forum. Maybe is the only member that has a condition even worse than mine.

Check my thread. I’ve posted a lot about Autoimmunity & PFS symptoms. I’m in the process to find a solution.

To attack your problem, you should look into the folllowing:

  1. Look for root cause that’s triggering your immune system. Could be an environmental allergen or food intolerance or side effect of medication or gut dysbiosis.

  2. It could also be a case of an elevated histamine causing an immune system reaction.

  3. Consider Vitamin D, Mg, Ca, Zn, Cu, CoQ10 & QUERCETIN & Bromelain.

  4. Drink a lot of water

  5. In the meantime, Tongkat Ali & Stinging Nettle Root may help lower SHBG & increase T & DHT & E2. Don’t worry about nettle lowering DHT, that’s s scaremongering thing is total BS and I can prove it.

Check my thread for detailed information.

To your point about autoimmunity and vitamin D… when I was 18-20ish I started getting fevers basically every 3 months on the clock and symptoms that mimicked the flu (fatigue, sore throat, fever around 101-103 degrees) for a few days to a week. They weren’t viral or spreadable as no one around me ever got sick. No doctor could figure it out until one saw I was extremely vitamin D deficient. Once I got the levels back to normal I stopped getting these fevers.

one possible reason for crashing after taking VitD3 might be taking high doses of VitD3 without fat (good fat like butter). I always take with fat or with meals. Anyone who wishes to try any supplements should start with low doses. I was worst case here, my skin had become very thin like paper and I my gums,nose, penis and anus were bleeding, not a lot but with slight rub they were bleeding easily. I never had this problem. Now rarely only my gums and nose bleed.

If this is somewhat an immune or autoimmune kind of disease, then maybe Low Dose Naltrexone will help! I am about to start taking it.