Total alone and disconnected from all

It’s Easter Sunday. My kid is gone to her relates. Once my family too. Now I hang here in totally alone, totally disconnected from all. Sun is shining, a wounderful day. Who hangs total alone too.


Hey man, sorry to hear you’re alone at the moment.
I think loneliness and isolation is an extremely negative factor to our mental state, I spent 3 years isolated not wanting to talk or do anything and it left me even more disconnected from reality.

Only the past few weeks I’ve met some new friends and have been going out with them for a couple drinks each week.
It gives me something to look forward to regardless of the physical pain and how bad I can feel mentally.

Is there any community groups or people in your area you can connect with? Try do anything you can to meet people or have something to do each week, I know from experience isolating yourself is a killer.
It only leads to worse depression.