Topical retinoids for acne as a pfs patient

Iam currently applying a retinoid cream adapalen brand name epiduo in order to combat acne. I wonder if that retinoid because its somewhow related to isotretinoin when it comes to receptor affinity, actually has negative impact on my sexual health. I mean its only a cream and therefore topical, and you cant actually measure the chemical agent in the blood so absorption is very low obviously. But we dont know everything about retinoids and maybe there is an anti-androgenic effect we dont know about yet.

I apply it everyday and when I dont, I think my libido goes up. There is a study which says that there is no detectable substance in the blood. So in theory it shouldnt have an impact.

Retin-a does modulate the androgen receptors. I find it actually temporarily improves my sides after applying it.

I think I get worse when using adapalen 0.3%+BPO