Topical Finasteride Orgasm Issues

25 Y.O Male, briefly supplemented with topical Finasteride for a month and it has severely reduced orgasm sensation to the point it is almost non existent. This issue persists even 6 months after discontinuing finasteride use. I am in desperate search of anything that can reverse the effects and potentially resolve this issue.

Hey man there’s really not much you can do to reverse this issues but wait. We’re funding studies to get out of this though. Some people have tried various things but doesn’t always work. Have you got hormones checked?

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I agree that some basic hormone tests may be in order. Have you had your serum testosterone and prolactin levels checked? If either is out of range, you might have a treatable condition other than PFS that can account for your symptoms.

I have similar symptoms to yours; unfortunately, my serum testosterone and prolactin are normal. Once I described my symptoms, my primary care doctor had no issue ordering the necessary tests.

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Thanks for the information I will organise some tests to address any hormone issues. How long have you had this issue for?

I’ve been like this for over 2 years.

Thanks for clarifying, are there any known cases of people recovering naturally?

You can search the forum and judge for yourself. My view of all the accounts of recovery I have seen after 3-6 months of persistence is that they are generally poorly detailed and have likely explanations that don’t involve PFS (such as nocebo effect). Others may disagree.

If you don’t have any other underlying condition that might be treatable, I believe the best course of action is to accept the loss and donate for research as you are able.