Tooth pain and gum recession

I’m hoping someone can offer me some advice.

I’m off finasteride nearly 6 months and showed some signs of recovery (apart from sexual) after 4 months. However, the last 2 months have been horrendous in terms of sore teeth. I went to the dentist 3 months ago and everything was ok-ish then - I didn’t flag anything to her. She did however say that I should see an orthodontist as I’ve had some gum recession. This has got significantly worse in the last 2 months and I’m getting very worried about it, particularly after reading some threads on the forum. I’ve never had any dental problems in my life as I don’t have a sweet tooth.

Can anyone offer some practical advice on anything that helped this problem to stop? Did it go away naturally for anyone after a few months? I will book another appointment with my dentist asap. Thank you.

Sorry mate unfortunately after 3 years of recession I’ve had teeth replaced and gum grafts. It continues unabated. I’ve got many symptoms inclusive of this. I have food and supp intolerances which limits my potential upturns/benefits that some get. Its not a hygiene issue as you know. Try collagen supps as these helped multiple symptoms including the gums a few years ago. Take it sparingly to limit a potential crash. The drink seems best.

Thanks for the advice and sorry to hear about your situation - it sounds horrendous and I hope you’re coping. Do you think braces would offer some form of protection against this? I met my dentist late December and have booked another appointment for Thursday.

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No mate it could also be a lack of zinc and b12 which is prevalent in PFS . Wear a gum shield at night

Thank you

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@Cant_Hurt_Me how’s the hinges with your mouth, any improvements?

I’m hoping to book a dental appointment in the next couple of months. Someone on this forum recommended fermented butter and cod liver oil. I also read reviews on Amazon and some people said it was a miracle worker in terms of no longer having problems with cavities (people not on fin). For two months, I felt like my teeth were being electrocuted but taking this, say, five times a week and rinsing out my mouth with salt and warmish water every day has done the trick so far. I get the odd sharp pains but as soon as I rinse it with salt and warmish water, it almost goes away immediately. So no more real discomfort thankfully. Just hopefully get a good report from the dentist in a couple of months.

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Good luck

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