Took topical saw palm, 3 days later feeling strange

Took topical saw palm (part of hairguards scalp exlixir) x3 times over a week and stopped due to headaches.
Tried getting to sleep tonight, lying in bed etc… ive had some issues with sleep but right now its 6:40 and im wide awake. I masturbated and my dick felt numb a bit afterwards, semen release was quite low weirdly. Felt a bit weird in the head, got out of bed and my muscles felt weak and my vision was going a bit, ears ringing. Not sure if that was just anxiety from my dick feeling numb but i dont think so. Felt a bit feint and lied down. Right now i should be feeling tired but im wide awake. Literally 3x 1ml doses of this stuff containing natural stuff plus saw palm might have caused this. This has only just happened. God i hope it isnt pfs. if so its not perm.

Best to come off of that, I too took a topical that contained SP and haven’t been the same it’s been 2 years for me. You’ll most likely go back to normal just don’t touch it again, give your body a few months and see how you feel, don’t expect the sides to go away immediately.


I agree with @AaronF, but will add it’s very important you stay away from other anti androgenic substances and drugs.


Looks like i will have to take the plunge then. Would it be risky for me to take minoxidil? Was thinking of using it to grow a beard, so i can suit that bald look down the line.

Right now i have quite bad insomnia and (apologies for the detail) but when i masturbate my head then feels quite funny and i had those weak muscle/tingling feelings.

Yes, don’t touch 5ar inhibitors, this shit is poison. There are others on topical minoxidil who have had issues.

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Yeah don’t use minoxidil either there’s a few guys here who got fucked from that stuff to, don’t use ketokonzole shampoo either there’s a brand of shampoo I used called regenepure DR which has the saw palmetto and keto and that’s what got me here. So don’t mess around with anymore hairloss drugs it’s not worth it man. I can keep repeating myself it’s never a good idea.


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Nothing that is supposed to help hair growth is ok for you now, including the foods that hairloss websites might suggest. Not shampoos, nothing.


I’ve been using regenpure without noticeable problems, for about 5 months. It only aborbs into your scalp for 5 mins but i did notice saw palm being an ingredient. Might have been causing me some minor brain fog issues though. Better stop that too. Damn. Is there anything i can use to grow my facial hair that wont cause pfs?
Just read your comment, damn. Any kind of beard oil or?
Thanks all for your help.

You could try microneedling. Also raising T helps grow beards so maybe start lifting weights

Would micro needling help fir beard growth? Or top hair? I’ve heard it doesn’t really do much on its own with top hair. And yeah I need to hit the gym to prepare myself when I do go bald

Don’t do anything, avoid all 5AR inhibitors and accept the fact you will lose your hair.

Yeah I’ve done that now. I just hope my dick goes back to normal. That weird feeling I had with the insomnia and vision hasn’t happened again. I don’t feel depressed. I already had ED problems a bit due to porn use but I can definetly tell there’s a difference. I now feel a bit of numbness… never had that before.

Any tips other then wait and see what happens? Should i avoid stuff like soy milk which some claim can affect estrogen? or is that not true/reason for the effects?