Took it for just a week, 4 months later not much has changed

I have avoided ever going on here just because I’ve heard all of the horror stories, but I feel like I just need vent some of this shit out.

I fell for the stupid marketing of hims and took Fin for 5 days back in April. I believe I crashed in the middle of night because I never before woken up in the middle of my sleep before and that night I woke up profusely sweating and felt like I was in the middle of an anxiety attack. The next morning it felt like I had a cold. Ever since then I have had problems with cognitive function. Brain fog has been my biggest side and is a living nightmare.

I broke up with my girlfriend about 2 months ago (we had been dating for 2 years) and the few times we had sex since my crash I had no problems getting it up (maintaining was harder but not much). Masturbation is little harder than it used to be, I can’t get it fully standing up without touching it, but the sensitivity and pleasure is still there.

I’m just concerned about my brain. I was never the smartest kid in class, but I definitely wasn’t the dumbest. I sometimes now feel like the dumbest. My memory and recall fell off a cliff and my cognitive has significantly slowed down. I feel like I’ve made small improvements over time, but I’m no where near back to normal. I feel like some of it is the stress I’ve put on my self through negative thinking, but I definitely feel like some of it is some sort of imbalance of something in the body. Also my quality of sleep is garbage now. I used to always have problems falling asleep, but once I was asleep I could sleep for days, but now that my sleep is so light I’m really struggling to feel rested. I assume that contributes to brain fog as well. Totally fucked how this little pill can fuck all of these things up. I’ve been doing mediation here and there when I need it btw. Also I lift 6x times a week and run 3x a week. I’ve had the occasional chest pains while lifting, but my body really hasn’t shown any sign of losing muscle. If anything this is the strongest and most shredded I’ve ever been in my life because I go every single day of the week except Sunday.

I’m really stressing about going back to school. I took a gap year this year so even if I never took fin I would have been rusty, but now I feel like I have really difficult uphill battle. Luckily I want to go into design and I have a lot of visual talent so its not super intense on the books, but I know it will be difficult with how foggy I feel. The one thing that makes feel better about going back is that I really haven’t lost that visual eye for things that I’ve always had which is encouraging and creating stuff is the only time where PFS doesn’t pop up in my thoughts. If any of you guys have any advice on how to get through school please let me know. I know it will limit the time I can think about PFS so I’m happy about that, but I know when I struggle and don’t feel like the same student I was I will get down on myself, which will be hard.

I’ve tried CD’s TotalMaleOptimization protocol and I’ve maybe have had slight improvements, but nothing significant. I feel like I’m at a cross roads. I would literally take anything to feel normal again. I know I should just give it time, but what I want to know it what I absolutely should and should not be doing or taking.

The supplements I take daily are:
Zinc 50mg
NAC 600mg
B12 500mg
D3 10,000 IU
K2 100 MCG
Pregenolone 30mg
Cortigon (Thiamin, B6, B12, Phosphatidylserine, Gingko Biloba)

I take magnesium and glycine at night as well. I was taking CBD the past 2 months, but it really hasn’t been helping out my sleep (why I started taking it) and I’ve heard it can cause brain fog so I’ve stopped taking it.

Also if some of you could be real with me, did you guys actually have any improvement in brain fog over time since your crash? Or is something that I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of my life and I just have to figure how to work around/with it?

Most people on this forum disagree with this, but I believe brain fog is a cognitive (psychological) phenomenon. I have good reasons to believe this, from beyond the domain of PFS, but I am not going to go into it now. If you have anxiety and fear you may get PFS, that is enough to give you brain fog. Similarly, if you already have PFS and are desperate about it, that is likely to give you brain fog.

During my crash i was so mentally incapacitated that i couldn’t operate a blender, I’d walk around having no idea why I’d go downstairs or upstairs, sometimes I’d question who I WAS, as retarded as that sounds. I’m 51 days post-fin after just 1 dose, and my memory has improved a lot compared to my first day. I’ve still got some issues, but as long as it’s progressing im happy. One thing I’ve done is keeping a memo and writing down everything that had occured throughout the day, i guess a therapy to re-gain what fin has taken away from you. I try to think back to all my old memories aswell just to keep myself stimulated.

If you want to go CDnuts protocol, stick to it and fully commit, i haven’t done it myself yet but the results of a hollistic approach and cleansing seems to have helped tons and tons of people in their recovery, not just for 2-3 months, have to make it your lifestyle. Hope we all recover sooner or later, wish you the best man!

Interesting. I can see both sides, at some moments it feels like my own anxiety and fear is giving me brain fog. When I’m out socializing with friends I don’t feel any different and feel pretty clear headed and maybe have the occasional word I trip up on when trying to talk, but that’s something I’ve always done. Other moments though I just find myself forgetting little things I just never really would have forgot before, it maybe because I’ve never really took mental notes of things I forgot before in my life and as soon I forget anything my brain automatically wants to label it as PFS related. I’m my own worst enemy and I could totally see most of my brain fog being attributed to my own self doubt, fear, and desperation.

Lol I know how you feel man early on I’d walk into rooms and completely forget what I was doing and that still happens from time to time, but it has gotten a lot better. I tried journaling every night early on in my crash and is maybe something I should revisit. Honestly after doing his protocol I’ve noticed just how shitty you feel compared to eating healthy and consistently working out. I have completely changed my diet around and will continue to eat healthy for the rest of my life. Best of luck I know this shit will pass over us at some point.