Took finasteride for years without issue - took a few weeks break got muscle loss - should I just go back on it?

I took Fineteride for many years. Probably 7 years or so. Recently I ran out and got lazy resulting in a 3 week break and started seeing muscle loss. I had never heard of PFS before. Should I stay off the drug or go back on?

Stay off man, that’s crazy how many stories I’ve seen of guys that stopped using it for a few weeks and end up crashing when they go back to continue the drug. The muscle loss is very concerning don’t touch it again things can get very ugly if you go back on. Hair isn’t worth your health and well being. If this is the only side your seeing then it should get better with time.

I don’t care about the hair, and I wish I never had. I’m just depressed about the muscle atrophy. Wondering if going back on would fix that. If I have to stay on for the rest of my life to stay fit I’ll do it. But if I can recover the muscle staying off I would prefer that. There just doesn’t seem to be much hope given everything I’ve read.

If the muscle loss is the only side you have then there’s a good chance you’ll go back to normal with time. At this point going back on would be a huge mistake. Give it time, as long as your not experiencing any brain fog or sexual dysfunction or fatigue you should be good. I’ve definitely heard of the guys who had muscle loss that did recover got it back. Just relax for now, try not to stress


Thanks for that info man. I feel so much better. Yes the only symptom I’ve observed so far is muscle atrophy. This gives me some hope. Everything so far was just making me fall into this pit of hopelessness. Thanks again.

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