Took fin for 3 weeks, got better and crashed - looking for positive advice. Please no negativity

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25 / 6ft / 175lbs

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Receding hairline

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23 days

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25 / June 21 2020

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25 July 14th 2020

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cold turkey

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After the first week, however I did not contribute it to PFS.

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Mental issues, cognitive ability, insomnia, anhedonia.

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Hello Everyone,

I have been a lurker on this forum for roughly the past 6 months. I have read hours worth of posts trying to understand what the fuck is going on with my body. I took Propecia from Hims for roughly 3 weeks. I had a slight receding hairline and I was like you know what, fuckit may as well have a full head of hair too. I read about the side effects but I thought 1-2%? That will never happen to me! Well I was in for good surprise.

After about a week of taking the pills daily, I noticed I was waking up numerous times in the night. I had never had sleep issues my entire life. I was working out later in the day and taking pre-workout so I thought that was the issue. By the 2nd week, my jaw started clenching and the insomnia got worse…I still had not connected the dots yet. The 3rd week my digestion got horrible, and insomnia stayed.

At the end of the 3rd week I went out and partied hard one weekend like I always do and woke up Monday with pretty bad anxiety… I was like hmm maybe I just went too hard? The next day I popped my hims prescription and the anxiety was like no other I have had. I was like what the fuck is going on. I started trying to see if I had taken anything else, and then googled symptoms of propecia. Everything I had been feeling hit me like a ton of bricks. Then after reading about all of the other issues my anxiety only got worse. I posted on here when it originally happened and @Greek sent me a very friendly response and it really quelled my anxiety and I relaxed a bit and was going to let time run its course. Thank you for that my friend.

Without any life changes whatsoever, I made a recovery relatively quickly in about 3 weeks. I forgot everything about PFS to be honest. I went on with my life and thought I would never have to come to this forum again.

About 2 months later - Sept 25th to be exact…I won’t forget this day. Something hit me hard. I was literally standing in my kitchen and it felt like I had massive migraine just hit me like a ton of bricks. Next thing I know my anxiety is through the roof but I did not equate it to PFS because from what I read, “most crashes happened 2 weeks after”. Since I was 2 months off it I thought I was in the clear…

The next day I woke up and couldn’t get it up. I had 0 sexual sides prior and this freaked me the fuck out. It only added to the anxiety. Within 2 days I was able to get it up with a lot of stimulation and jerked off and finished. I would say for about 3 weeks I noticed lack of morning / night erections but they came back and I was able to watch porn and get it up without stimulation in about a month.

On that day Sept 25th, I realized I had “Crashed” and there may be a long road ahead of me. I reopened this forum after 2 months and tried to find a glimpse of hope. There are a lot of negative stories on here… and for good reason. PFS is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with or will deal with and I just want you to know how strong all of you are for going through this. No person should ever have to go through this pain and hardship.

After stopping taking Propecia, I got back to 100%…then 2 months later the PFS hit. The fact that I made a full recoevery before is what keeps me going and gives me hope of a recovery whether its months or years…

It has now been 3 months since my “crash” and almost 6 months since I stopped fin…and all I can say is it has been a fucking rollercoaster. Good weeks, followed by bad days, followed by good weeks and bad weeks. This week being one of the bad.

At this point, 3 months after my crash. The main issues I am dealing with are anxiety, brain fog, anhedonia, forgetfulness, lack of motivation. Sexual sides have cleared up. But I also have this weird tingling feeling in my mouth around my tongue and jaw that seems to come and go along with PFS. Idk if it is related or not.
I work in a sales role that heavily relies on my cognitive ability. I have always been a top performer and been confident. I don’t know what this fucking poison did to me , but it fucked me up and I have not been the same. I try to take it day by day and focus on the good things in life which has helped me a bunch. I will say stress free living is what makes me feel better…but it is still a daily struggle…

After my crash I started working out hard and was able to build muscle and looked pretty good. I started surfing and will say, that was probably one of the most stress relieving things you can do with PFS. Not sure if any of you are near the ocean but I highly recommend to clear your mind.

I felt like the past 2 months I had made some serious progress. I would go weeks without checking the forum, but then I would go back down an anxiety rabbit hole and come back here looking for some type of cure…But the overarching theme is that time is the cure. I am only 3 months post crash and this week for some reason I feel like I took 5 steps back. This thing is very persistent. I go periods feeling like I am cured only to get slammed back down even harder.

Anyways - that was a mouthful and I may have left some stuff out. Long story - short, whenever I come to this forum, I only look for positive posts, which can be hard. Whenever I see negative posts I leave this forum feeling worse.

Looking for any helpful insight from people that have had a similar story to mine. Please no negative comments. I hope this post helps somebody - and that you all make a quick recovery.

Hey Reynolds, thanks for keeping us updated. I also live on a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m around 2 and a half years off and think that generally I’m better off all over. My worst is better than it was, and my best is closer to normal.

I think you have to ride it out as best you can but when I’m feeling bad I find it tough to keep any positivity. It’s ironic that when you most need some momentum or a push in the right direction is the time when you won’t get it.

I also avoid stress however I can now and think it’s really helpful to identify activities that work for you to that end, it sounds like you have your strategy worked out, which I think is really important. What’s more it sounds like you’re making better progress than I did when I was 6 months off.

Be optimistic, be realistic and be kind to yourself. Remember how far you’ve come, but acknowledge this is probably a marathon, not a sprint.

Appreciate the kind words.

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Looks like most people have ups and downs. It’s one pretty common denominator with this shitty sickness. I’ve been battling it for a year and a half now and things a finally starting to improve. It’s hard but you have to give it time.

Well its been a year now and I gotta say I feel much better. Cant believe how hard this shit hit me. Hope you all feel better as well

Thanks again for your response Greek. Its been a year now since I stopped fin. And I gotta say I pretty much feel back to normal. My anxiety is actually far less than It was for me pre fin. Only thing I still could get better is my sleep. But I sleep much deeper and longer than I did early on, its definitely improving. I’ll prolly write a post about my recovery. Just want ppl to know it is possible. Hope you all feel better as well.


Great that you are feeling better. We always highlight to new members that many improve naturally in the first two years.

Forsure. Those first 6 months after the crash were the hardest of my life. Blows my mind looking back on it now. It was a long road. You know you are cured of PFS when you can go about daily life and not think about it. It slowly fades away from your memory and life becomes much more manageable.

I didn’t realize it but I was a pretty stressed out person before PFS. I had a lot of anxiety that I didn’t know how to properly deal with. Now I’m much more calm. Weird how that works

friend!is your brain fog gone?how long ?thank you!

Ya, probably like 8 months. Its been over a year since I crashed now and I rarely think about PFS. Sleep could be better though. But if I do enough exercise through the day I can sleep pretty good

Hello , did your erectile function return to 100% normal?

Almost coming up a year since quitting Fin here, its my final side left :confused:

Yea, Gone