Took F for 17 yrs


What symptoms were you being treated for that they gave you methyl? Why did they think you may have an autoimmune disorder? Were they familiar with PFS and did you present yourself as a PFS sufferer?


The Mayo Clinic neuro hoped to improve my walking ability/body coordination, which is severely impaired. The methyl did not help that but POSSIBLY helped my ED. The sexual plumbing has worked perfectly for 4.5 months, after being dead as a doornail for 2.5 years.

Like ALL the docs I’ve dealt with, they blew off my thoughts about PFS.


are you saying that you have regained full potency from 4.5 month ago and it is still working, Man that is a good news congratz and hopefully all of your other symptoms will get better too. Enjoy.
one thing you think that methyl P, cured you from impotence ??


Yep potency 100% restored, PERHAPS due to methyl, or luck, or healing over time.


Aloha, my neurologist suggested I write a DETAILED chronology to assist him, so I’m updating my old profile. According to him, I am a medical “zebra” case - extremely unusual in many respects so it is worth reading.


In summary, I’m a 50yo retired-for-now lawyer. I religiously took 1mg FIN daily from 1999-2014. I started losing the ability to sleep in June 2014 and had no clue it was related to FIN. By Dec I had stopped sleeping ENTIRELY and discontinued FIN. 10 days later post-finasteride exploded my brain!

The fantastic news is that I VERY FORTUNATELY recovered 100% from total loss of libido (after 2 years), total physical impotence (2.5 years), frightening delusions (2 months), total loss of emotionality/compassion/feelings (6 months), breast development (2 months), intense penis pain (1 month), and - oddly - my facial hair 100% stopped growing for 4 months and then resumed normal growth!

The bad news is my sleep remains profoundly dysfunctional. I very rarely reach unconsciousness and just “heavy rest” 4 hours at night - with Balsomra sleeping pill - and take “heavy rest” naps 1-2 times randomly.

See this article:








OR TRY BOTH remeron/nortryptilin, which 100% solved my sleep dysfunction from April 2015-Dec. 2016; and inexplicably STOPPED working.


so you think its not curable in the next 1000 years ? sounds optimistic…


and do you mean with skipping doses in 2014 taking it every other day ? or really skipped it a few days in usage ?


To Mohi Khera, Baylor University

Hello Dr, Thank you for your response

I just want to pass you an information that could also help you out to find answers and even a possible treatment

The following study and research indicated that SRD5A2 is silenced in prostate tissue.


Variable expression of 5-alpha reductase 2 in the aging adult prostate is regulated by DNA methylation


5-alpha reductase type 2 (SRD5A2), an enzyme that is critical for prostatic development and growth, is utilized as an inhibitory target by finasteride for patients with bladder outlet obstrution secondary to BPH. However, we have found that many aging benign prostate tissues do not express the enzyme. Since the SRD5A2 promoter contains a CpG island, we hypothesized that somatic methylation of the promoter would be regulated by DNA methyltransferases leading to suppression of SRD5A2.


We found that methylation of SRD5A2 was regulated by DNA methytransferase 1 (DNMT1) and the cytokines, TNF-alpha, NF-κB and IL-6, regulated DNMT1protein expression and thereby indirectly affected SRD5A2 promoter methylation and gene expression.

Induction of inflammation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulated the TNFR1/NF-κB/IL-6/DNMT1 pathway, leading to hypermethylation of the SRD5A2 promoter and silencing of SRD5A2, while treatment with both LPS and TNF-alpha inhibitor reversed this pathway and reactivated SRD5A2.

From Propecia Help Forum

I found a guy that his symptoms were reversed, by accident when his doctor administered intravenous 1000 mg of methylprednisolone for 5 days, 5 months later his sexual functions including libido was 100% restored and all the others symptoms disappear.

only his sleep remain dysfunctional.

For those who doesn’t know methylprednisolone is a LPS and TNF-alpha inhibitor, is an immune suppressant.

I hope that every one got the idea.

Gentlemen believe or not, we are in from of a possible miracle cure if methylprednisolone is used within the proper protocol and the right dosage.


Had anyone else tried methylprednisolone with any success?


Scott. H until now I guess that Nobody, especially at the dosage that anonymous did, the only problem here is to find a doctor willing to give us methylprednisolone and @1000mg for five days


This case always haunting me, and I did a lot of reading, my theory is that high dosage of glucorticoids changed adrogens receptors expression and became functional again as supposed to.