Too much dreaming after quitting propecia


Hey guys I have too much of dream in my sleep it has been happening for almost four months just after I quit finastride any help anxiety and other side have improved decently except too much dream insomnia

Too much dream sleep

Yeah, that’s exactly how my insomnia works as well. My dreams are always vivid. I think it’s because we lack GABA due to low amounts of neurosteroids, we are hyper aroused. When it comes to sleep, REM stage is when the brain is most aroused so it is the stage that’s most prone to fragmentation, leading us to recall our dreams when we awake at night.


Anything which can help or will it improve with time


Yeah bro! I am dreaming quite a lot now too, I am sleeping 8, 9 hours no issues. Before PFS my sleep was definitely deeper, with no dreams, or if I had dreams it was only in the mornings if I wake up and the fell asleep again. Definitely my sleep is shallow now, not as deep as it used to be.


What should I do to improve sleep


I have no clue bro! Probably there is some supplements for that but you have to be careful with those…


Tons of dreams on my side too


Mcbould anything helped for sleep deep slow wave sleep


Nothing really, but when I drink a lot of alcohol I sleep well and don’t remember my dreams (not recommending that). Also when I just stop thinking about sleep and say “fuck it.” I still dream and don’t sleep deeply, but it’s not as alarming. Also, I have some really bad neurological symptoms, and strangely enough those seem worse when I oversleep. When I get 5 or 6 hours (always interrupted with dreams and waking up) my day is usually better. On the plus side, I have a whole Rolodex of crazy dreams

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Hey guys it has been 5 months since I quit finastride current problem retreated testicle amd abnormal testicle shape but biggest problem is too much dream in my sleep is there something which can help


lot of dreaming and shallow sleep was my first symptoms after the crash. it means your to much in REM sleep mode. maybe its worth trying meds that shorten REM sleep and promote more deep sleep.


Are your sleep improved now