Too much dream after finastride discontinue


Hi guys I am having too much dream in my sleep sleep is not refreshing has anyone else have same experience after quit finastride



I have the exact same thing. I have like 3 or 4 dreams and I never reach deep sleep. @Dknighten has similar issues. “I don’t sleep, I just dream.”



Yeah man, I have a dream pretty much every night that I remember, my sleep quality has gone way down. What has helped me so far is to take magnesium citrate powder, about 1/8th tbsp in water on top of 5mg melatonin. Try chamomile tea as well, if you have a hard time getting to sleep that is. I have a really hard time relaxing and falling asleep. As for actual sleep quality, from what I understand all you can do is make sure your room is cold and dark, relax your mind, and play some ambient noise on your phone if you have trouble with racing thoughts.



I have this symptom badly. Every night I have these intense dreams and find it incredibly difficult to wake up. By the time 5 or 6pm rolls around, I am desperately fighting to stay awake.

My sleep isn’t restful at all.



For how long have you been suffering from this problem do you had it while on the medication or after quitting in my case while I was on the medication I was but after quitting all these started or any improvement



I’ve been off the medication for 2.5 years and this issue has persisted that whole time.