Tongkat Ali - Share your experience

Hey all,

I know this has been discussed)

Just went to gym tonight had a chat with a bodybuilder (friend of mine) who has been cycling steroids for years and had a bad experience with propecia(loss of libido,ED,low testosterone).

He suggested Tongkat Ali from

He said within about 2.5 weeks his drive and Ed had subsided and conceived his first son.

This bloke is 34 and been cycling since he was 23.

Just ordered some.

(I am not a doctor nor telling you to take this supplement)

Just gave me puffy nipples/e2 symptoms. Prolly the worst tasting powder in mankind. I def. suggest others try it though, from all research I’ve done on natural libido boosters it appears to be the best, but you have to get the right extract…50:1 or 100:1

I had ok results with it the first time I tried it in high doses a few years ago. But not much success since then.

Make sure you cycle try 5,2,5,5 meaning take for 5 days then 2 days off then again for 5 then off for 5. Try small doses as it will lower blood pressure making you feel tired.