Tongkat ali experience

3 days ago I started to use tongkat ali. On the day following the first pill, a very strange thing happened.

I ejaculate very yellowish. Had a part through solid and gelatinous. seems that the sperm was old.

I noticed a big increase in aggression, I’m very aggressive. is lasting.

definitely increased libido and improved orgasm on the first day but the second day, I felt no difference on orgasm. I have a sore throat and fever at the moment, do not know if this could disrupt

let’s see how long it will work. At least part of aggressiveness is a good sign of androgens.

Today I was super aggressive. I noticed an increase in libido and smell became more refined, looked several times women scented. I’m feeling very well. good feeling.

I already had high testosterone and big balls, I do not believe that is increasing more, think tongkat ali can act otherwise.

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What percentage of eurycomanone and/or eurypeptides did your Tongkat ali supplement supply? And which dosage did you take? For me, it didn’t work that well until now, unfortunately.

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