Tongkat Ali crashed me

I was at work on Friday, feeling about 50% of my Libido after a short fast and a week of paleo diet and strength training. I ordered Tongkat Ali from Superman Herbs and tried one dose in the afternoon. During the day I could get spontaneous erections. Literally within minutes of taking this my libido dropped to 0 and I felt extremely tired, like I needed to go to sleep right then and there. I was sooo tired like I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before after taking this stuff. It’s Sunday now and my libido is totally dead.

Why does everyone else say they had good results to Tongkat? How come one single dose was so negative for me? Did anyone experience this with Tongkat or other hyped up herbs? Anyone care to offer an explanation?


Hi bk__.

I’ve had the same results taking macca root. Everyone on this board posts about how positive the benefits of macca are and when I tried it, it crashed my system and made me feel worse.

I have the side effects of low testosterone but any time I take something to boost my testosterone levels I get worse. Your not alone in this, this is happening to a lot of us here. The truth is right now we don’t know why.

What you do know about yourself is that your body is now incredibly sensitive to ingesting things that affect your hormone balances. Your body is telling you it’s not good for it. All you can do is listen to what your body is telling you. Lay off caffeine , alcohol and anything that is supposed to change your hormone levels natural or not.

I know you desperately want a pill that will cure you and bring your levels up to normal. But if your like me, stuff like that will only make you feel worse. and sometimes permanently worse.

Have you tried aromatase inhibitors maybe all thatbnew rltestisterone goes tonestrogen directly. PED Erase pro and Calcium D glucarate.

Tongkat ali will lower blood pressure so if your healthy and your blood pressure levels are good take less and see if it helps. Lowering blood pressure too much will make you tired just like viagra does for some.

I also want to mention tongkat will increase nitric oxide and relax blood vessels to allow for more blood flow . With an increase of no brings lower BP which of course makes you very relaxed, tired feeling.

My best guess is that Tongkat Ali shot your E2 down whixh may have been borderline low to begin with. It’s a potent antiestrogenic. Very low E2 causes lethargy and tiredness. Have your T and E2 checked if you can.

I used Tongkat Ali on and off for years and while it gives me a boost initially (Increased FT) I always end up with a crashed E2.

I crashed from tribulus terrestris 1,5 week ago, I’m totally with you. I’ll never ever take again hormone stimulator and will stay away from inhibitors. You may experience interesting results if you make a blood work now, see my story: