Today, European Medicines Agency recommends updating SSRI and SNRI labels on persistent sexual dysfunctions


Meanwhile, the first article on dailymail:


EMA Acknowledges Persistent Sexual Dysfunction After SSRIs & SNRIs


So it looks like articles in the Daily Mail helped raise awareness about PSSD. That’s quite interesting. Can we try to do the same with PFS?

“It’s been fantastic that the Daily Mail listened to stories of people who have suffered as a result of antidepressant use. I’m incredibly grateful to the news-paper for being brave enough to publicise these issues, at the time when patients were being told any sex problems were as a result of their depressive illness and not the pills.”


The most important move for this result was made by David Healy who advanced the Citizen Petition requesting an urgent update of the leaflets.

I know that on the leaflets of finasteride this was already present.

For the serious side effects of antidepressants the media that showed the most attention were mainly Dailymail, The Guardian, Mad in America.

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Its incredible how similar is this with regard PFS. I felt the exsctly the same.

From the article:
One man who spoke to Good Health on condition of anonymity said he’d experienced problems just 48 hours after his first dose of SSRIS, developing genital numbness — seven years later, the sensation has still not come back.

‘It was like losing one of my senses overnight,’ recalls the 31-year-old landscape gardener from Lincolnshire. ‘I stopped taking the pills, but my GP persuaded me to restart them, telling me what I experienced was not connected. It took me three years to get anyone to take me seriously. I’m left not able to feel love or any emotional connection or to become sexually aroused.’

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No, we can’t.


Thank You to David Healy and everyone, this is a very good and necessary advancement in moving forward.