To ZINC or not ZINC? (confliciting info here)?

I have had some luck with Zinc on sexual sides (testical pain) and have seen that it is needed for production of T, but other posters feel that it is 5AR inhibitor.

I was an old post that touched on this but cant find it now.

I have a bottle of ZMA, contets listed as: Vitamin B6 15mg, Magnesium (from magnesium aspartate) 450mg, Zinc (zinc L-methionine and Zinc aspartate) 30mg, ZMA 2400mg.
(isn’t the ZMA supposed to be above mentioned magnesium and zinc? but that’s what the bottle says anyway…)

All i can say that i tried it once, and got similar effects that i get from single smallish dose of finasteride nowdays: all colors fade towards shades of gray indicating dopamine inhibition, 5 days of increasing stress and then feeling of being “relieved” and colors coming back. This makes me believe it’s a 5ar-inhibitor.
Maybe someone has more accurate information though.

Im using ZMA (amongst other things) before i had issues with macular degenertion (eyesight) and sensitvity to light. Not so much any more. Briad fog and fatigue are gone, but i aslso stopped sleeping pills, rogaine, and nizeral recently. not sure there is a connectiion or what to make of it all yet.

Here is the post you are probably referring to:


I personally believe that Zinc inhibits 5AR activity (based on what I have read). For me, that means I will not be taking it, because I will never again (knowingly) take anything that inhibits 5AR, much less as a treatment for the damage cause by another 5AR inhibitor (finasteride). Having said that, for what it’s worth, there are some members with anecdotal evidence that they “feel” better after taking some Zinc. To my knowledge, no one has claimed curing themselves through Zinc supplementation.

I was also on ZMA off and on for about 5 months. I think it helped a little with sleep… and gave more weight to my penis and perhaps more semen… but, I read on another forum someone felt their penis lost sensitivity from zinc supplements. Since I wanted to increase sensitivity in my penis, I stopped the ZMA and have found it worked. Definitley more penis sensitivity.

Since I also read about zinc possibly inhibiting 5AR activity… I felt it was worth it to go without.

Heres what I wrote in another thread:

"True. It is a very mild 5AR inhibitor. It is also responsible for 30% of your testosterone production which will produce far more 5AR activity than what you will save from not taking it at all. So in theory, zinc will actually increase 5AR activity if you still produce it, by producing 30% more testosterone than you had. For a person to decrease 5AR activity in one who is deficient in zinc, the 5AR inhibition would have to knock out 30% of your dht. Zinc simply is not that strong at inhibiting 5AR. Think about it fellas.

Zinc is also responsible for over 300 different enzymes in the human body. Men need zinc. It is the most “male” mineral of them all."


I had planned to try ZMA, but now I’ve got some doubts. Has anyone suffered side effects similar to ehe ones fin produce when taking it?

I just read an article that says copper is the most potent 5AR inhibitor of all metals.

“Sugimoto et al (Sugimito 1995) found that copper ion is a potent inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, inhibiting both types of 5-alpha reductase (both type 1 and type 2) that produce DHT and is the only metal to do so. Copper ion inhibits (50% reduction in activity) type 1 alpha reductase at 1.9 micromolar (0.12 micrograms copper ion per milliliter) and type 2 alpha reductase at 19.2 micromolar (1.2 micrograms copper ion per milliliter). No other metal has these effects.”

Zinc is a potent inhibitor of 5ar type 1. The inhibitoring effects will be negated if you are also supplementing vit b6. So a zma should do no to little harm.

I am just taking 30-60 mg of Zinc alone, surely Zinc can’t be having a negative effect for us?

I’ve been debating in my head whether to take zinc too, as I heard it can help prostate difficulties. From everything I’ve seen, it might be a good idea to do a zinc taste test to see if you have a deficiency. If you’re already taking the zinc and seeing positive effects though, I don’t think there’s any reason not to take it. Your body definitely needs it to some capacity.

I recently started taking ZMA. It has increased the amount of cum I produce, especially if I’ve ejaculated two or more days in a row. I’ve yet to see any improvements in my erections quality, though.

there’s conflicting info because it brings conflicting results. So you just have to try.

Got very noticeable improvements in libido with zinc orotate + copper. Although its probably counter intuitive to take anti androgenic substances like zinc, but it is definitely helping. And I got worse when i started taking it, and just after about a week I started to see posiitive changes. And as far as I know it’s also can work as AI.

I had HUGE improvements in my sleep and brain fog after adding 30mg of zinc at bedtime to my protocol. This was a week ago, and the improvements have lasted so far with no negatives.

Does anyone know if a zinc oxide cream for irritation in the anal skin area can be safe or have contraidications?

ZMA crashed me.

Be careful with it. Certainly don’t supplement zinc or b vitamins alongside it.

It helped me at first but sent me back to hell. I should have just taken magnesium glycinate for sleep instead.

“Inhibition of 5α-reductase activity in human skin by zinc and azelaic acid”:

I think it makes perfect sense that zinc has conflicting effects on users here- there are studies on zinc activating DHT but also inhibiting 5ar in different doses. it’s clearly variable and probably shouldn’t be taken in any large quantities if people are unwell.

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