To the Bottom and Back

Hi. I didnt wanted to fill that boring ass wall off text.
I’m just here cuz i wanted to tell my short story here so people can think and feel calm for a second.
22 year old male.
started using fin when i was 20. Stopped in April 2020 due to low ejaculation volume.
Only side effect was low ejaculation volume. Hardness and libido was good.
I wanted to have kids and stuff and things were going good since quitting.
then boom.
My Momma died from COVID-19 and I blamed myself for it. I thought i was the carrier. Even thou i just had a little cough i was feeling good. I was also tested NEGATIVE for that but after she visited us she became sick.

I had Anxiety attacks. It was hard to overcome. I couldnt handle it very well. My wife insisted that i should see a psychiatrist. I did.
Psychiatrist gave me Fluoxetine. Wasn’t aware of side effects and i thought It’ll be good for me cuz I’ll have less stress.
I took it for 2 months.
First 2 weeks was OK. Libido was %50 less but i thought it was from anxiety. I was waiting to drug to kick in…
Then it did. End of the first month. There was almost zero interest for sex. No libido whatsoever.
No morning woods. It sucks. I could get erected but it was like %30.
I told the psychiatrist and he told me It’ll subside if you continue the drug.
I did. And in the second month I developed some shit called “retrograde ejaculation” . It was hell.
I was barely getting an erection and when i ejaculate almost nothing was coming out.
So i decided to quit fluoxetine and turned into weightlifting.

I did some heavy ass powerlifting routine just for eliminating stress out of my life. Even thou i couldnt get properly erected, my lifts were strong. So i continued.
I slowly healed in 3 months. I did nothing besides lifting heavy and eating healthy i guess. I took vitamin D every month. I always did. Even before fin. It was a sports habit.
I took ZMA for 2 weeks but I felt nauseous on it so i quit too. I wanna try L-arginine for better power output.

Now for 2 months my sex drive, erections, even morning erections turned normal. Even my ejaculation volume turned normal. I got my wife pregnant.

I’m writing this wall of text just for people who feels bad and thinks they wont even be able to have sex again. Cuz i thought that way. Fluoxetine f*cked me up bad. Even worse than finasteride. And they prescribe those pills like they’re flintstone vitamins.
I think in my story the key element was : putting your attention to something else. if you’re anxious about your sex life 24/7 , Bad news : It’ll never be great. Cuz anxiety kills boners.
Turning into weightlifting and getting focused on my lifts and my finances really took a huge weight of my shoulders.

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Recoveries are happy to hear, the loss of your mother not so much of course, nor the way it affected you.

Thank you for thinking of us and coming back though. If you can, stay around a little.

But well done and congratulations on having your life back. You deserve every bit of it, sounds like an awful time.

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Tried L-arginine for a month.
5000mg before every workout and i train 4 times a day at least.


  • Literally better exercise performance.
  • Better in bed.
  • Nocturnal Erections were more Frequent.
  • Minor increase in semen volume


  • When you’re working out in a place that has restricted air flow, Shit lowers your blood presssure even further and almost makes you faint :smiley:
  • Tastes like shit.

And i consider myself fully recovered but seriously, people take those pills like they’re candy bars.
Fluoxetine almost killed me. It made my manhood disappear temporarily. And if i didnt have a so supportive and caring wife. It could end pretty bad. I coulda do something stupid.
And I’m not one of the few guys who had those nasty side effects from that pills. It’s pretty common.
I had a friend who torn his marriage apart because of these stupid SSRI’s.
Dudes seriously. If you’re feeling bad. If you’re feeling down. Do something other than taking those SSRI’s
Do push-ups
Go run
Buy an instrument and try to learn how to play that.
I dunno. Just dont take those pills.

Most people who take SSRI suffer sexual dysfunction that stops when they discontinue the drug. This isn’t a recovery from PSSD.