TMJ (jaw) issues


Hey all,

In addition the head pressure, headaches, and vision issues I face, I also seemed to have developed TMJ issues. Specifically, after working out, my jaw becomes extremely tight and clicks when I open it. This is something I’ve never dealt with before, and of course after searching the inter webs it turns out that TMJ is highly associated with hormones.

Could others please comment if they have experienced this as well, and what remedies, if any, have helped. I recently purchased a mouth guard for working out so will see how that goes.

I know others have raised this on the forum, but I wanted to create a dedicated topic.



I have TMJ, but I have braxism (I grind my teeth at night in my sleep). Supposedly it’s due to clogged airways and your body does it to open them up and increase oxygen intake, although until recently (I think, but I could be wrong) the medical community assumed it was due to stress or some genetic predisposition. I’m really not an expert so don’t take my word as the authority, this is just my experience and what I’ve read/heard. One thing you could try doing is wearing a breathe stripe, they’re sticky strips that you place across your nose bridge (not too low on your nose bridge!). I can’t say for sure if it stops me from grinding, but my mouth and jaw are significantly less sore upon waking up in the morning than if I don’t wear it while sleeping. According to my dentist, a mouth guard will stop any damage you’re doing to your teeth. However, in my experience, it does nothing to stop you from grinding, and may even make you grind your teeth more! So in a nutshell, your airways are probably obstructed somehow (you could have a deviated septum and/or polyps on your nostrils). Try the breathe strips and consider seeing a surgeon to get checked out for the deviated septum and polyps.

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Thanks!!! It mainly affects me when I workout, not when i sleep. I also think it’s tied to the head pressure



When i first got bad, when all my bones started hurting, skin started burning and legs etc became numb a few months ago my jaw was excruciatingly painful for a week or so, I had to take loads of painkillers as my jaw was stuff, crackly and painful as hell. That lasted only a week or so but didn’t oay too much attention to it.
Today my elbow’s got really tender and painful, I’m sick of feeling like an old man all the time, i feel brittle and it’s annoying because I want to just run about having fun like a normal 20 year old, but if I’m not careful ill end up battered and bruised taking painkillers.
Sorry for the little rant, been up all night and I’m a little cranky about thing’s, keep getting upset about my stretchy soft, brittle skin. Most day’s im fine but I guess sometimes I break down a little and get pissed off, once again apologies. Just been a long night.



I got TMJ and jawbone issues from propecia too. i have recovered from all sides (i assume) apart from TMJ and clicking. It got worse (progressed in 1.5 years) and i am going to see a TMJ specialist soon.



I have TMJ issues too.



Are we all agreed this is because elevated E2 level which is catabolic to bones (like T is anabolic to the body) which erodes bones (the reason why people have facial changes from Finasteride) and TMJ?



E2 isn’t elevated