Tizanidine For Insomnia & Non-Restful Sleep?


Hi guys,

I followed up my neurologist, MRI and EEG were completely perfect. I spoke to him about my sleep issues (he doesn’t believe a single pill caused me to have any problems) and he prescribed Tizanidine, (Zanaflex) claiming it was non-habit forming and could help me relax for sleep. Has anyone tried this drug? I am hesitant to try anything, but if it will help me fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply I’m willing to give it a try.



From doing a search it seems no one on this forum has talked about it yet. I would just make sure it’s not a 5ar inhibitor in any way, other than that it seems the only thing to worry about is that it interacts with alcohol.



perhaps use a much smaller dose like an 1/8th and see how you respond then gradually increase and cycle the drug. this is what i did during my crash and found that everything gave me severe headaches. Glad I didn’t take the prescribed dose.