Tissue changes discussion

I just want to inform you that, after my report, lipoatrophy has now been added to the symptoms list on the post-finasteride-syndrome foundation web site.
is there any way to add it to the label?


The first thing to do in that regard is to ensure that you or your doctor have filled out an adverse event report to your country’s relevant body. Details here: https://www.pfsfoundation.org/report-side-effects/

pff, my doctoe laugh at me

In the U.K. you can fill out an adverse event report yourself. Here’s a link to the Italian citizen’s reporting form: http://www.agenziafarmaco.gov.it/sites/default/files/tipo_file07d6.pdf

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guys, i have a question. when does lipoatrphy stop? does it stop? mine proceeds, after almost 7 months…
i feel like i wanna die because of this…

I’m not sure if there is a definitive answer to this sadly. Mine stopped. I saw a dermatologist privately who listed connective tissue disease as one of her specialities not long after I became aware of the subcutaneous fat loss. She requested an autoimmune blood test which came back very weak positive, although this result can occur in those without any autoimmune issues. She believed that if this was a reaction to coming off finasteride then I may have taken a one off “hit” and that it was probably not continually degenerative in nature (I’m paraphrasing what she said as I can’t remember her exact words). Although this has proven to be the case for me, there do appear to be other cases where the damage appears progressive. I would discuss with a doctor if you have any concerns, although I appreciate that they are not always the most open to what has happened. Maybe if you had photographs to show them of what you were like before it might help convince them that this is real. It could be that you have become aware of the fat loss whilst you are losing it whereas I became aware of it later on? Maybe it is a process that reaches an equilibrium post-finasteride?

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One thing I can say for sure is I did not get lipotrphy…My face and entire body look like a swollen mess with rolls of watery fat even all over rib cage and areas where you dont usually store fat…Also the skin and markings as the op showed here in pics occurs on me in areas that are naturally lean like wrist and ankle, hand and forearm areas even dimple and show these lines if compressed…All my body hair turned white and is extremely dry and brrittle and facial hair the samething…

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I’ve had some fucking crazy skin changes man. My skin is loosing its elasticity and my whole body is softening and feminizing.


Yeah, my muscles have all deflated. I bet I’ll have trouble putting on mass again. Anyone else missing a part of their ass so that they easily get pins and needles in their leg?

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Yeah man, my clothes don’t fit me anymore at all. My skin is loose and stretchy, with a soft complexion of the tissue. It has literally changed to become like a woman’s. It is the strangest shit ever, on top of a constant derealization brain fog. I’m seeing an endocrinologist soon and having more extensive bloodwork

Does it feel like your muscles are dead inside? That they have stopped responding?

Anyone try leptin replacement therapy.

I’m gunna look into this

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There are next to no reports of Lipodystrophy on the World Health organisations database. This side is referred to on the foundation’s website list.

Those who have this ‘me included’ need to report it to their respective health authority. it will then feed into the WHO’s central statistics.

It’s a particularly nasty and serious side that effects multiple organs . I have documented liver and kidney problems which are as a consequence of this.

Getting serious sides reported is even more important.

I’ll submit another yellow card to the Uks authority tonight.

Let’s do this guys. The reasons are obvious


I’ll do the same I’ll whatsqp u later bro

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Good man