Tips For Brain Fog Please

Hi guys

Since I crashed at Dec2019 . I got all PFS symptoms .


NOW I IMPROVED IN MOST OF THE SYMPTOMS . Except The Brain Fog . Its become wooorsee

Its too much now , i can’t do my job at all , no short memory at all , no focus no concentration . I lost the Sense of time . I don’t know if im in the morning or afternoon. I can’t feel how is the time passing

Its extremely hard to remember what i did yesterday .yeah I got my erection but i lost my brain .

Guys please if u have any ideas any advice anything it may help please let me know .

Btw my E2 is 40
Testo 500
Progesterone 0.2

How is your sex drive?

Your T:E2 ratio (12.5) is NOT optimal and this may be causing your issue. Your E2 is high and Progesterone seems low. What’s your DHT? Maybe try to lower E2 and raise Progesterone naturally. Are you over weight? What’s your Vitamin D level?

My sex drive is Ok , not same as before but not bad .

Im going to do another blood tests on Thursday . I will share the results here ,

My weight is 81 kg with 183 cm high

Vitamin D is very good 57 .

Yes more tests will help provide better diagnosis. It’s a good sign that you improved this much within only 3 months so consider yourself lucky. Regarding your Vitamin D, I presume that’s 57ng/ml, which is 142 nmol/L. That’s high. My advice is to lower it to only ~30 ng/ml. New studies found that high Vitamin D is also bad.

I recall studies about high Vitamin D causing a slower reaction time and other problems including depleting liver Retinol (Vitamin A) and increasing calcium levels too much.

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I’ve seen niacin mentioned by people for brain fog. Try searching that on here. But be warned that everyone has different experiences with supplements

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Hi @Kio94

It’s heartening to hear you’ve had improvements across many symptom domains. With regards to this

This was the case for me and many others who develop PFS. It took around a year for that to become consistently better. The first 6 months in particular I had extreme derealisation, fog, head pressure, that sense you talk of where temporal awareness becomes blurred. As you’ve “only” had PFS for 3 months, please try to take care as best you can and keep it in mind that these symptoms can improve. I’d advise against trying any trial to self medicate your symptoms away. The most consistent factor for all improvements reported by patients is time.


What supplements do you take and what are you eating ?

What’s the optimal T:E2 ratio?

It’s very individual thing but I’d say the sweet spot is somewhere between 15 - 35. I felt my best ever when my T >500 & E2 around 20 pg/ml. That’s T:E2 of ~27

I did 12.5mg EOD Clomid last Summer and my T went up to > 700 and E2 to 22 but didn’t feel good at all. I remember the ratio was > 35

But I think in case of clomid it was because my SHBG shot up from 35 to whooping 75 yielding less free Testosterone and Clomid itself doesn’t work for everyone.

For me keto diet definetely helped to get rid of brain fog. Could return to business after being 2 weeks on keto (after 4 weeks of the crash)

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I keep hearing people on here and elsewhere talking about different diets (keto; carnivore, etc.) and reporting benefits. I’m keen to learn the link between diet and improved mental state. My best guess is that both keto & carnivore are low in carbs/sugars and this is affecting gut microbiome and attenuate intestinal inflammation. This heals adrenals and yield better Cortisol:DHEA and hence improved cognition and sex drive.

This has become my my area of interest as of late. One way to prove (or disapprove) it is to get am Cortisol, DHEA-s and WBC count in CBC.

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I’ve learned this from @Ozeph who made amazing improvements after long-term keto and supplements.
As far as I understood: ketogenic energy is a much cleaner energy for your brain that from glucose, carbs. Furthermore we might have suffered epigenetic damage caused by fin, and there are just a few things that can help you repair damage. And such is to avoid / reduce carbs and some more. @Ozeph shared me this really interesting and relevant description of our options to accelerate recovery:


sea salt

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I’m recovered from brain fog for the most part. I had a recent flare up, and took a colon cleanse that cleared it up by the next day. It’s called Super Colon Cleanse, and it’s a powder.

I’ve also heard of non-PFS recoveries using digestive enzymes. Betaine HCI is another one you could try.

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